Archive 81 Season 2: Is It Happening?

Archive 81 Season 2: Is It Happening?

Netflix’s first new horror sensation is Archive 81. The eight-episode series quickly rose to the top of the streamer’s top 10 list, and with a startling cliff-hanger finale, viewers are eager for more. But, if the program receives a second season at all, what can fans expect?

Netflix has no news for renewed Archive 81 Season 2, but we have some exciting news to share with you. Since its first release on January 14th, Archive 81 has been an enormous hit with Netflix users.

Archive 81 Season 2 Release Date

Fans of the show have been waiting for any news regarding a possible Archive 81 Season 2 for a long time, and we can finally tell you that Netflix has decided to go ahead with it.

A source close to the initiative who requested anonymity informed us of the news. They have the following to say about Netflix renewing Archive 81 Season 2.

Melody Pendras (Dina Shihabi) is released from the Otherworld and reunited with her mother at the end of Archive 81.

In the meantime, Mamoudou Athie (Dan Turner) appears to be stuck in 1994 New York, where Melody is supposed to be. They’ve shifted places, in other terms.

Rebecca Sonnenshine, the showrunner, also confirmed in an interview with EW that much of Archive 81’s backstory has already been developed.

Archive 81 Season 2 Cast

In Season 1, she hinted at many Easter eggs, as well as the possibility of learning more about who burned down Dan’s boyhood home in Season 2.

She says, “Some things just didn’t make it into the season,” “You build out all this mythology for a mythology series, and then you’re like, ‘Oh, we don’t have room for all that.’ So that was something we decided to save for Season 2.”

In Archive 81, death doesn’t always mean you’re gone for good, so expect all of the following cast members to return, no matter what happened to them in season one:

  • Mamoudou Athie plays Dan Turner.
  • Dina Shihabi plays melody Pendras.
  • Martin Donovan plays Virgil, and Matt McGorry plays Mark.
  • Julia Chan plays Anabelle.
  • Ariana Neal in the role of Jess

Following his escape from the mirror world, Evan Jonigkeit will return in the role of Samuel, according to Rebecca Sonnenshine mentioned to Variety.

Let’s only hope The Ferryman gets a makeover because parts of the CGI seemed to distract rather than terrify the audience like a jump scare.

Final Words

Netflix has yet to say whether Archive 81 will be renewed or canceled, but there’s reason to believe the show has a future on the platform. It was the ninth most-watched series on Netflix in its first week, with users watching a total of 22.2 million hours (according to Netflix’s own Top 10 site).

Archive 81 showrunner Rebecca Sonnenshine revealed the show was “always” intended to extend beyond the first season so that the streamer would have no issue luring the creative team back. So, would you like Archive 81 to get renewed with a second season?

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