Where To Buy Diet Cherry Coke?

Where To Buy Diet Cherry Coke?

Do you want to drink soda pop but are worried about the calories? You might be surprised that many of your favorite drinks are available in a lower-calorie version. Diet drinks, for example, can allow you to keep your figure while satisfying your craving for sweet beverages. Here are some standard brand-name sodas you can find as low or no-calorie versions.

Cola is one of the most popular soft drinks around the world. It typically contains sugar and caffeine because it has a stimulating effect on people who consume it. However, if you enjoy cola without all the extras, try Diet Coke or Coke Zero. Both have zero calories and are sweetened with different artificial sweeteners.

Diet Coke is made with aspartame, but Coke Zero uses sucralose instead. If the aftertaste of aspartame bothers you, try Coke Zero since it doesn’t contain any sugar or calories at all.

Diet Cherry Coke contains zero calories because it substitutes high fructose corn syrup for sugar. Those who want to cut out sugars altogether might prefer this version to the original formula since this drink has no added caloric content whatsoever.

Sierra Mist also offers a diet version that uses Splenda instead of sugar or other artificial sweeteners. If you’re looking for something besides cola, try Sprite Remix. This drink comes in a raspberry pomegranate flavor, among others.

It also contains no sugar and is sweetened with Splenda. If you prefer your beverages on the sweeter side, try Mountain Dew. Many low-calorie versions of this drink are available worldwide, but they all contain Splenda as the main ingredient.

Diet cherry coke discontinued:

To start with, it doesn’t look like the trade-in program is why Diet Cherry Coke was discontinued. A Coca-Cola representative confirmed that they are not ending production of this drink because of customer complaints about the taste.

A Facebook page has been set up in protest to get coke to change their minds back, but there’s no more cherry coke until then.

According to a company spokesperson, the drink is being phased out for two reasons:

1) Americans are drinking less soda in general these days

2) Diet sodas have dropped 20 percent last year, while regular sodas have dropped only 3 percent. As for how they came to choose cherry coke as one of many drinks getting axed, the statement said, “Coca-Cola has a rigorous portfolio management process designed to ensure that our product offerings are aligned with consumer demand.

While this decision was difficult, ultimately, we are acting in response to the consumer trends that drove this change.”

So it looks like Diet Cherry Coke is only one of the drinks that will be phased out in the coming months.

Diet cherry coke discontinued:

The truth is, this change has everything to do with Coca-Cola’s tasting panel. Two years ago, when I wrote about this very same topic (how the company was testing new flavors like Valencia orange and ginger ale), a spokesperson told me that “it’s not an exact science.”

Unfortunately, they were not kidding; in the end, the cream soda taste test winner was also discontinued for lack of interest. And now we have yet another flavor that failed to register with consumers being yanked from store shelves.

Diet cherry Pepsi:

It’s not the first time this has happened: Coca-Cola also had to pull its two latest flavors, Vanilla Coke and Lime Coke, off shelves for lack of consumer interest. Yup, nobody wanted vanilla or lime flavor either (and seven years ago, who even knew what pomegranate was?).

Diet cherry coke discontinued:  

The point is that taste tests have their limits. And while they have helped Coca-Cola come up with some of its most popular drinks in recent years, there’s a disconnect between what works on paper and what works in the real world. Maybe it’s time for them to try something else?

Diet coke flavors:

Well, maybe not. But the good news is that there are still a bunch of diet Coke flavors out there to try — and if you’re a fan of cherry coke, Diet Cherry Coke wasn’t your only option.

Here’s a list of all the other ones you can choose from:

Diet cherry Pepsi:

In other words, take heart! The soda fountain isn’t going anywhere just yet. And who knows? Just because your favorite flavor was canceled doesn’t mean it won’t be back someday. That is, as long as demand for it stays strong enough to make it worth Coca-Cola’s while.

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