when will the Amazon series on Prime Video come out?

After a stop for several months, the shooting of the TV series of The Lord of the Rings has finally started again, a show by Amazon Prime Video that promises great surprises to all fans of the saga created from the books of J. R. R. Tolkien: given the high budget used to propose it, expectations are very high.

But, one of the questions most audiences are asking is when will we finally be able to see the show on our screens. Let’s try to clarify today.

What we know so far is that before the pandemic the showrunner J.D. Payne e Patrick McKay according to some reports, they had hypothesized, according to some reports, as the release date the month of December 2021, even if, at the moment (especially after 4/5 months of stop) it seems difficult the series can have the same release window.

Furthermore, another news we have available is that, before the stop due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the first two episodes, both directed by JA Bayona (most famous for shooting the film Jurassic World – The destroyed kingdom), had been almost entirely completed in rapid succession. The episodes of the first season, although not yet confirmed, should be 20, according to the statements of Tom Shippey.

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The time scan was confirmed by the head of Amazon Studios Jennifer Salke, which he had declared in a 2019 interview withHollywood Reporter: “(the Serie) it will be produced in two years. 2021 is the hope, although some would like it to come out in 2020.

The situation at the moment seems favorable in New Zealand to restart work on the show in full swing. If we mathematically considered the months lost due to the stop, then we could assume that the series could come out in April and May of 2022: a very long period of time, which could lead the production to shorten the times, or to reduce the number of episodes, to keep the end of 2021 as a goal.

While the franchise is already expanding with Amazon seeming interested in a possible spin-off series of The Lord of the Rings focusing on Gollum, we just have to wait for official news from the set, which at this point seems imminent.

Let us know in the comments area what do you think is the possible release date of the de TV series The Lord of the Rings!


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