Original Arrowverse Strategy Does Not Involve The Multiverse Or Crisis!!

Recently, Greg Berlanti did confirm that the original plan for the Arrowverse did not include the Multiverse or Crisis On Infinite Earths during the DC FanDome.

Fans literally a little bit in shock to know that Greg Berlanti did confirm that the original Arrowverse plan did not feature the Multiverse or Crisis on infinite earth. It is sure that if the original plan of the Arrowverse was in the implementation then there will still be multiple piles of earth and Arrow may still live by to follow his legacy. It was in 2012 when Greg Berlanti did create Arrow alongside Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg for The CW.

“Arrow” starring Stephen Amell is all about a playboy to spend five years on an island and then return back to be a vigilante with a mask. It quickly did become the hit for the entire network as the series keeps on adding more fans and viewers. There is a huge number of fans that the series did manage to have in a short time. Only after two years, The CW want to capitalize on this success by creating a spin-off show. That was none other than “The Flash” and you all know the rest as the world begins to expand exponentially.

There were several other tv shows that are set to join the Arrow Universe. The shows that did premier in the following years include Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, and Batwoman. You must all know that the Arrowverse did reach its maximum potential through last year with the Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover. That did stretch to January this year including characters from all existing Arrowvers to come together and fight.

It is clear that Greg Berlanti of 2012 will not be able to imagine the heights that Arrowverse will reach. Fans are indeed loving the crossovers and they are waiting for the next crossover to happen in Arrowverse.

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