How to know all the 4K movies and series that are on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney + without entering their apps

Netflix’s 4K resolution broadcasts began in April 2014, that is, just seven years ago. The series used to promote the UHD resolution, still very green at the support level, was the magnificent ‘House of Cards’. From there, Reed Hastings’ company announced a big bet on 4K, and everything they produce today comes in that resolution, with many HDR titles.

It was later followed by Prime Video and much later, stoking the streaming wars, Disney + and Apple TV +. In Spain, in terms of large platforms, we are waiting for HBO Max to land, which is also will bring its 4K ration in the second half of the year. Today we are going to tell you how to know in advance which series and movies you can watch in 4K on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Apple TV +.

JustWatch, always JustWatch


We have already talked about JustWatch several times in Genbeta, but the service continues to improve and include platforms, and it is worth talking about it again for this article. In addition to helping us to know on which streaming platform we can see a series or movie (if we are lucky and we do not get the dreaded rental poster), JustWatch allows filtering by many other variables when it comes to finding the works we want.

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One of those filters is’Price‘, a button on the web that, when clicked, allows us to filter by the maximum money we want to pay for the content, as well as filter by’ free ‘,’ advertising ‘,’ fixed rate ‘,’ buy ‘or ‘rent’. Finally, although it is not very relevant that it is in this section, there is a ‘Quality’ section that allows you to mark ‘SD’ (standard definition), ‘HD’ (high definition) and ‘4K’.


By clicking on 4K and marking the platforms in which we want to search, JustWatch will not only show us all the titles available in that resolution in a list, but it will also tell us the total number. So, for example, if we check Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Apple TV +, we can see that they have 855 4K movies and 755 series. In total, 1608 titles. All this, speaking of what is included in the subscription, although some specific case like ‘Raya and the last dragon’ sneaks in.

Outside of these large, we can see that AtresPlayer, for example, has 19 titles in 4K, according to JustWatch. If what we want is to see if a specific movie is in 4K, we only have to go to the upper search engine, enter its name, and when entering it, a 4K log will appear if it has a resolution higher than HD.


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