When Does Season 8 Of Vampire Diaries Start On Netflix?

When Does Season 8 Of Vampire Diaries Start On Netflix?

The 8th and final season of “The Vampire Diaries” will arrive on Netflix in the US starting with episode 1, Saturday, October 21. Subsequent episodes will be released each week on Saturdays.

Season 8 consists of 16 episodes. We don’t know whether the final eight will debut in full on Netflix or if it’ll go for a more staggered release schedule.

In full-on Netflix or if it’ll go for a more staggered release schedule, the first seven seasons are already available to stream but may not be staying, considering this is the series finale…If you’re new to the show, start at Season One, which is currently free with an Amazon Prime subscription. You can also check out some screencaps from Season 8 in our gallery below.

Vampire diaries Netflix Philippines 2021:

If you read this article, you may be a fan of the vampire diaries series. The blood-sucking teenage drama is coming to an end tonight with its 8th season finale on CW. You can enjoy your favorite series again after a long time because The Vampire Diaries Season 8 will be released on Netflix in January 2015!

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Netflix has confirmed that the final season of the popular fantasy series will come to their Philippine catalog by January 15 next year. We don’t know what time, but we presume it should be around nighttime. This might also mean that we’ll get to see Season 1 and Season 2 first before Season 7 like other countries who watched the first three seasons through Netflix before the CW re-aired them.

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However, this is one of those few instances where we might get to see all seasons at once since The CW has only aired up to Season 7 in our country. This means that The Vampire Diaries Season 8 will come on January 16 next year when it premieres in the US.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 8 premiere date in America is Friday, October 21 at 8/7c. For us here in the Philippines, expect around midnight or early morning of Saturday if you’re among the earliest subscribers in the country. Since there are no time differences between Manila and Atlanta, you can convert it to Philippine time.

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But if you still want to watch Season 7 before Season 8, fear not because it’ll be available starting December 1t (Friday). There’s only one season left, so I think we all should take some time to binge-watch this fantastic show once more! After all, who doesn’t love Ian Somerhalder?

How to watch vampire diaries without Netflix:

If you’re not aware, The Vampire Diaries was aired by The CW in the US and Canada’s CTV for free. At the same time, Netflix has exclusive rights to air it in Scandinavia, Latin America, Brazil, Israel, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. This means that only users outside these countries can watch it on Netflix because their catalogs don’t include American shows.

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What’s unique about our country is that we got Season 1 before Season 3 or Season 4, which gave us enough time to catch up before Season 7 started airing this year. So if you want to know what we’re talking about when we say we watched all seasons already, scroll down below and read my series review! Warning, spoilers ahead.

How many seasons of vampire diaries:

In case you’re wondering, Julie Plec has already confirmed that The Vampire Diaries Season 8 will be the last season and the finale will air on MaMarch 10″Season 8 is going to be jam-packed with family drama, relationship drama, supernatural elements, a wedding you finally get to see happen after six years of building up to it,” she said.

The vampire diaries cast:

Last year, we got to see the death of Alaric (Matthew Davis) and Tyler (Michael Trevino). We also saw Enzo (Michael Malarkey) getting killed by Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Bonnie (Kat Graham) giving herself up for Kai’s (Chris Wood) ascension, and Caroline Forbes carrying Stefan Salvatore’s baby. And speaking of our favorite Gemini twins, the second half of this season teased us with a possible reconciliation between them.

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