what they are and how to use them to download sticker packs that are not in your country

We are going to explain to you what are the deep links of WhatsApp, a new function with which you will be able to download WhatsApp stickers directly from these links, making it easier to share them with other people, helping you save a few steps.

These links assume that you will be able to download sticker packs without going through the internal WhatsApp store, which among other things will be useful to download those that are not available in your country. We are going to explain all this to you now first, and then we will tell you in three simple steps how to use the function.

What are WhatsApp Deep Links

Deep Link is the name that has been given to a new type of link that interacts with your WhatsApp app. Its idea is to make it much easier to share sticker packs, making it enough to simply click on a link or type it in your mobile browser.

In general, to add stickers to WhatsApp you have to use an internal system that goes through entering the section, clicking on the add button, and going to a kind of internal store where you can find the packs that you like the most and download them to be able use them. But this is a bit long process when you want to tell someone how to get that cool sticker you have, and also, some sticker packs are local and may not be available in your country.

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The solution to both problems is this link system. All you have to do is type it in your browser, and this will make WhatsApp open on your mobile showing you the sticker pack directly to which the link points, and allowing you to download them directly from a pop-up window without having to do anything else.

This function can only be used in the mobile version of WhatsApp, both on Android and iOS. This means that at the moment you cannot use these links on WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop. You will have to download the stickers using the links on your mobile, although later you can also use them on your PC.

How to download sticker packs with Deep Links

Address Bar

To use this function, you must have WhatsApp installed on your mobile with your session started. Then, open your mobile browser Android or iOS, it doesn’t matter which one, and click on the address bar to handwrite an address.

Write Url

In the address bar you have to write the URL of the sticker pack, which will have the structure of wa.me/stickerpack/NombreDePack. In our example we have used the wa.me/stickerpack/VaccinesForAll pack. You must bear in mind that the upper and lower case of the name must be respected.

Press Links

There is an alternative to handwriting the address, and you can click on the URL of the pack that has been shared with you in any app, it does not necessarily have to be through WhatsApp. The links you have on any website, or in any other application, also work.

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After typing the URL of the link to the stickers in the browser or clicking on the link in any application, WhatsApp will open automatically with a window where you will see the pack of stickers, including its description and all the stickers it contains. Then, click on the button Descargar that you have below to lower them. In this link of Engadget Android you have links to some regional and national packs that are not available in Spain, but you can download with this method.

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