What Is The Future Of Gaming Technology?

The gaming industry has been growing rapidly and attracting more and more users. With this rapid growth has come the need to ensure that the sector keeps progressing and offering the best and latest updates. With the technological advancements we’ve already seen in the most popular part of the gaming industry in the past few years, it’s interesting to see what the future holds!  

Is Gaming Set To Be The Next Dominant Technology Platform? 

​​Gaming is set to be the next dominant technology platform, similar to the way web search engines, cell phones, and social media networks reclassified industries in earlier years.  

A few games are evolving into live games where people can interact with each other and offer a variety of services that were once only conceivable in real life, as indicated by Michael Wolf, co-founder and CEO of consulting firm Activate Inc. The Covid-19 pandemic has sped up gaming’s popularity, with the overall time spent gaming increasing by 29% during the pandemic, according to Activate.  

Activate also discovered that people are progressively using gaming platforms to watch virtual concerts, for gambling, messaging, dating; and surprisingly, virtual festivals and celebrations of weddings and birthdays. The firm predicts that the consumer gaming industry will be worth $198 billion by 2024, excluding sales from hardware and gadgets, augmented reality, virtual reality, and advertising.  

Gaming will also be able to connect industries. Roughly 22% of people who purchased their first virtual-reality headsets this year did as such during the virus outbreak, with most of the users planning to use them for video games. The firm has revealed that spending by U.S. shoppers and organizations on virtual-reality and also augmented-reality items would increase eightfold from now and 2024 to $19.8 billion.  

Technological Advancements Influencing The Gaming Industry 

​​Artificial Intelligence  

Artificial Intelligence technology has become a critical part of this industry since it assists firms with customizing games and provides a more customized and engaging experience dependent on the user’s preferences.  

Currently, games collect data relying upon player activity, and essential changes are made dependent on the data. This will be considerably more helpful in the future since artificial intelligence technology will estimate future behavior, allowing firms to create games and make changes that will provide players with a more engaging gaming experience.  

Augmented and Virtual Reality  

Gamers request a realistic and smooth gaming experience when using their cell phones.  Due to this trend, advanced Virtual Reality technology and Augmented Reality games like Pokémon Go, a superb example of a thrilling AR mobile game that altered the market for AR games, have been created. Virtual Reality technology additionally affected the online casino sector, empowering iGaming companies like Microgaming, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, and other developers, to make VR casino games.  

Casino gamers will have more games to play and can pick from an assortment of VR slots, such as Starburst, Twin Spin, Gonzo’s Quest, and others, to have an authentic and immersive gaming experience. There will be a lot more developers making VR variants of mainstream Betway slots and table casino games later on.

Cloud Gaming  

Cloud gaming is, as of now, gaining more and more traction, with organizations like Apple, Google, and even Sony, making cloud-based gaming frameworks. This is quite possibly the latest gaming industry breakthrough. It has made gaming much more affordable and thus made it more accessible to a larger audience than before who couldn’t afford to play the most recent games, which are constantly being released.  

Cloud gaming gives a high-quality gaming experience on any platform, with consumers paying a month-to-month charge to get access to countless games from a single supplier. More services providing on-demand entertainment and allowing for a worldwide audience to access a wide assortment of games will probably emerge later on. Subsequently, cloud gaming won’t just decrease gaming costs, but it will likewise help gaming platforms reach new players. 

The Rise of Mobile Gaming  

Thousands, maybe more, of new games have been released (the vast majority of them free of charge) on Google Play or the App Store; this suggests that many gamers like to enjoy a high-quality gaming experience while on the go. 

As a result, you’ll likely find a wide range of gaming console titles with their mobile variations. However, there is one disadvantage to gaming on the go: an unstable Internet connection, which is likely to cause issues and disrupt your games. Nonetheless, with the much-debated introduction of the 5G network, this will not be an issue since 5G networks offer much higher bandwidth, quicker downloads, and lower latency, among other benefits. Organizations like Betway keep on redesigning and upgrading their gaming apps for the benefit of their users.

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