What Is The Fate Of The 100- A Spinoff Or Another Season?

What Is The Fate Of The 100- A Spinoff Or Another Season?

Season 8 of The 100, a post-apocalyptic science fiction program on Netflix, is one of the most popular. Following the conclusion of Season 7, viewers are anticipating the next season of The 100. Season 7 of CW’s The 100 started on 20th 2020, with a total of 16 episodes.

The seventh season was announced to be the final season in August 2019, giving the show a total of 100 episodes overall seven seasons.

The 100 Season 8 Release Date

The 100, however, is rumored to be returning for Season 8. They’re also alleging that Season 8 will return with new cast members, despite no official confirmation.

The plot is as follows: The television show 100 is a post-apocalyptic drama. The 100 revolves around Kass Morgan’s young adult science fiction novel of the same name. The 100 has a 7.6 /10 IMDb rating.

The 100 is a drama, mystery, and television series that has it all. The show The 100 takes place 97 years later, following a nuclear war disaster. It has claimed countless lives and wreaked havoc on the entire civilization.

A spacecraft is delivering 100 youthful outlaws at the time with the aim of repopulating the planet. The 100 is a terrific science fiction television series that you should see.

The audience will be terribly let down. Because the program will not be renewed for Season 8, the new Netflix episodes will be the final episodes of the super smash CW series.

The 100 was, in fact, discontinued back in August 2019, and it was disclosed that the show would be terminating (appropriately) after the 100th episode.

The CW, on the other hand, is developing a spin-off for the show. According to TVLine, the star of the show will be Callie – Shepherd Bill’s daughter.

According to some sources, the possible spin-off will be dubbed ‘The 100: Second Dawn,’ and it would premiere two years after the seventh season of ‘The 100.’

The show might center on a rare moment from before the apocalypse, and it could be placed before the 97-year mark (Pre-Apocalyptic era).

The 100 Season 8 Cast

The show’s creator, Jason Rothenberg, says the structure would be “Lost-style flashback episodes.” A few of the current ‘The 100′ cast members’ great, great grandparents may appear in the planned spin-off series.

If a season 8 of The 100 happens, we can expect a familiar cast:

Christopher Larkin will play Monty Green.

  • Kelly Hu plays Callie “Cece” Cartwig.
  • Eliza Taylor will play Clarke Griffin.
  • Marie Avgeropoulos will play Octavia Blake.
  • Paige Turco takes on the role of Abigail “Abby” Griffin.
  • Bob Morley plays Bellamy Blake.
  • Wells Jaha is Eli Goree.
  • Thomas McDonell will play Finn Collins.

Final Thoughts

Season 7 had a really gripping conclusion, and we have to admit. Is it possible that the plot will continue from this point? Regrettably, the answer is a no. When The CW announced Season 7, it was previously known that this season is probably the show’s final season. So, what are your thoughts on this decision?

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