What Is Ahead Of Asterisk War Season 3?

What Is Ahead Of Asterisk War Season 3?

The Asterisk War is a well-known anime whose plotline has been entirely absorbed by manga fans. They’re all dying to comprehend the show’s prospects and considerations for the following season after the publication of season two.

The first season aired in 2012, the second in 2016, and no one knows whether or if asterisk fighting season 3 will premiere. As a result, before we go, let’s learn a little about the series.

Asterisk War Season 3 Release Date

With its other name as Gakusen Toshi Asterisk, Asterisk War is an action anime based on the same-named light book series. Yuu Miyazaki is the author, while Okiura is the illustrator. Since the publication of volume one, The Asterisk War has become a famous light novel.

It was first published in 2012 and was quickly translated into a manga in 2013. A-1 Pictures picked up the series for anime adaptation after only three years. The Asterisk War’s first season premiered in Japan on October 3, 2015, with 12 episodes.

It was revived for a second season after becoming popular with both new and old viewers. A year later, the show’s second season began.

On the Asterisk War, which takes place on a planet ravaged by a global calamity known as Inertia, an assembly known as the Integrated Enterprise Foundation is in charge of running the world.

Asterisk War Season 3 Cast

In this post-apocalyptic future, the term “Genestella” refers to people who are born with remarkable superhuman skills and are educated at elite institutions for persons with exceptional ability.

Over the entire storyline, we see a young boy named Ayato Amagiri as he transfers to Seidoukan Academy, one of the country’s most elite schools, in search of his lost sister.

When young Ayato is challenged to duels known as Festas, however, he finds himself in a tough predicament.

There’s no need to be alarmed just yet because anime series have plenty of time to be renewed. We don’t see any reason for the show not to be renewed, especially as the light book series is still being published.


Season 3 of The Asterisk War is expected to be released in 2020 or 2021, based on our best estimation. We’ll keep an ear out for updates on the third season of The Asterisk War, and we’ll post them here as soon as we get them.

Final Thoughts

The fact that the television show is still available on Netflix is another telling sign that it isn’t over yet. Netflix purchases popular and promising anime shows on a first-come, first-served basis. Netflix may decide to renew the series if the original production firm, A-1 Pictures Inc., does not.

Netflix has done this before, and I feel The Asterisk War is one of the few shows that deserve to be renewed. Season 3 of The Asterisk War will premiere in late 2022, assuming it is not canceled.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s renewed shortly. As new updates become available, this information will be updated. So, what are your thoughts on The Asterisk War?

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