What Does WBU Mean?

What Does Wbu Mean:

wbu is an acronym for worst bitch up, which means worst bitch ever. It’s a term of endearment used to describe someone you love and care about that might be going through something difficult or just isn’t being very kind at the moment. So whoever may be “the wbu,” it means they’re your favorite person who you wish could be their best self, but you still love them anyway.

Wbu or hbu:

p We’ll Be Right Back or Heard Before!

The expression “wbu” or “hbu” is typically used as a message to let the other person know that you will be right back or that you have just left and will be right back. It is also used informally as a greeting.

When they leave a conversation or meeting, some people use this expression to let the other participants know they will be right back. Others may use it when they are getting up from their seat to go to the bathroom or get a drink of water.

It can also be used as a farewell greeting, similar to “see you later.” For example, you might say “wbu” to someone leaving your house after a party.

Wbu? What about you?

This expression is typically used when you are in a conversation with someone, and the other person brings up something that they might want to do or buy. You can reply by asking “wbu?”, meaning “what about you?” The two of you can then talk about your plans for what you might want to do.

For example:

A: There’s a party tonight at John’s house. Do you want to go?

B: Sure, sounds good! Oh, wbu? You could choose from several options here, such as going home to change first (if needed), meeting there instead of coming straight from work, etc. In this case, let’s say that B decides to meet there after work instead of coming directly from work.

A: Wbu? Do you want to meet there, or do you want to come straight from work?

What does nm wbu mean in texting:

What does nm mean in texting:

used to express that you are not doing much or have nothing new to tell, can also be used as a filler word instead of typing ‘um,’ which is quite rude actually- ideal for teens who are just starting with texting. Depending on the context, it may appear as “not much/nothin'” or “anything,” depending on context.

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