What Does Post Mean

What Does Post Mean:

post is a noun. It is also a verb. If you get posts, you get letters or emails sent to you by people who live in another place that you do.

Post definition: Noun , plural posts

1 .  a   long   narrow   raised structure on a racecourse serves as a racehorse’s guide.

2. Geometry is. A straight line segment joins the endpoints of an angle and lies on one side of the rise opposite its vertex.

3. Printing . Type set up ready for printing .

4. Golf . Also called teeing ground, any of several marked positions on a playing field from which players make their first hit, as toward the hole on the green.

5.  a   vertical piece of material, typically wood or metal, used to support a beam or other structural member.

6. Nautical . a large upright timber that forms part of the side of a vessel, serving as a ridge for attaching masts and sails .

7. one of the principal members of Parliament in Great Britain or Ireland .

8. the chief executive officer of certain municipal corporations in the United States.

9. an army post .

10. a station where goods are unloaded from trains and sent to trucks or other transportation vehicles for further distribution to stores, factories, etc.

Verb (used with object)

11. to place (something) on a post or into position so that it will be steady.

verb (used without object)

12. to occupy or stand at a post .

13. Nautical . to place (a mast) against the post, as when fitting it in position on board ship.

14. Set up posts along a course for an athletic contest, obstacle race, etc.

15. Golf . to act as the marker of (a tee shot) by standing with one foot on the ground and one foot firmly atop the ball while holding his or her club aloft horizontally above the ground; wait until all other golfers playing the hole have teed off before beginning play from this spot (often followed by off ).

16        to impale (an animal, especially a deer) preparatory to jerking it down.


Post is derived from the Latin word postis, meaning “door.”It was first used to describe a wooden beam that formed part of a doorframe in English. Later, it was also used to describe a vertical piece of wood or metal that supported a beam or other structural member. Today, post can be used as both a noun and a verb.

As a noun, it can refer to anything that is placed on or into position for support, such as a post on a racecourse for guide horses or a seat in golf that marks the spot where players are allowed to tee off. As a verb, it means to put something into position so that it will be steady.

Posts can also be used to hold up something or to stand in a place as an official duty. For example, an army post is a military station where soldiers are stationed, and a postmaster is the head of a postal service.

Finally, in golf, players use posts to mark the spot where they are allowed to tee off. This is done by placing one foot on the ball and holding the club aloft to parallel it to the ground. Other golfers playing the hole are then allowed to tee off after the player with the post has finished.

What does post mean in time:

The term “post” can be used in various ways when referring to time. It can mean after, as in “the post-war era,” or it can mean subsequent to, as in “the post-mortem examination.” It can also refer to a position that is held or occupied, such as “the post of headmaster.” In the context of time, “post” usually means that something has occurred after something else.

In general usage, the term “post” is most often seen in the phrase “post-mortem,” which refers to an examination of a dead body conducted after deaths to determine the cause of death. A post-mortem may also be referred to as an autopsy. In law, the term “post” is used in the phrase “post-conviction relief,” which refers to an action taken by a person who has been convicted of a crime to challenge the conviction or seek other relief.

In business, the term “post” is used in the context of accounting. When a company issues a financial statement, it is said to post it. This means that the statement is made available to the public. A company may also post a bond, a type of security used to raise money.

When a company posts a bond, it agrees to pay back the bond’s principal amount plus interest at a specified date.

In politics, the term “post” is used to describe the period after an election. This can be the period after the election is over or after a new government is formed. In journalism, the term “post” is used to describe a story that is published after another story. For example, a newspaper might run a headline that says “Post-Election Coverage.” This would mean that the coverage is about events since the election.

Finally, in computer science, the term “post” refers to messages sent by one program to another program. These messages are usually handled by a queue, a type of data structure that stores messages until they can be processed.

So what does post mean in time:

After. e.g., the post-war era, the post-mortem examination, headmaster, after/after, position held or occupied, financial statement made available to the public, security used to raise money. Election results, then article or paper written about it—messages between two programs stored in a queue until processed by one of them.

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