Ragnarok Season 2: Official Renewed When Will It Arrive

Ragnarok Season 2; Official Renewed When Will It Arrive


A Netflix series that was released earlier this year and was able to be an instant hit. It is a Norwegian language drama series that is based on a small village in Norway named Edda. It covers the village showcasing the deteriorating health of the people if the village and the surrounding areas and one of the wealthy family of the village is the reason behind. There comes a young man who challenges them and warns them to stop doing the ill and help the village and its residents. But as expected, the family has its own set of ego and status standards and is not going to help them at all

Release date

Due to the fact that the first season was aired recently at the beginning of the year so there seem to be no chances of the second season being aired this year. 2021 will be it most probably. No official announcements have yet been made regarding the release dates by the production house yet but delays due to Coronavirus pandemic followed by worldwide lockdowns are surely going to affect its filming.


We are expecting the same cast as those in season 1 but we are still waiting for it to be officially announced. The expected cast is David stakson, Emma Bones, Synovve Macod, Jonas Strabd, Theresa Frostad, Gisli Orn, and many more.


The story if season 2 is expected to pick up from where it ended the last time. Magne might e saw more powerful and full of superpowers. The rest is yet to be confirmed by the production house. No teasers or trailers have been released yet. The fans are super excited and waiting for it to happen as soon as possible. Let’s keep our fingers crossed to experience the next turn.

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