What Does NR Rating Mean On Netflix

What Does NR Rating Mean On Netflix

NR rating is a rating of the date on which Netflix recommends that children younger than a certain age should not watch this program according to the country it’s being managed from. It’s essential for parents, teachers, and even kids themselves to check out what rating shows have before watching them, as some material in shows may be unsuitable for everybody under a specific age limit.

Here’s how you can see NR rating on Netflix:

From the remote control:

Netflix uses ratings similar to movie ratings (G, PG, PG-13, R, etc.) But instead of using numbers as movies do, Netflix has words like TV-Y, TV-MA, or TV-14. These represent different groups, with TV-Y being the most appropriate for kids and TV-MA reserved for adult content.

To view ratings on Netflix, first, open up your browser on a computer or laptop. If you are watching it directly from smart tv without opening the browser, go to the Menu option of remote control, which will pop-up side menu on your Tv & select “Settings” then select “Playback settings,” here you will get NR rating feature to set how old do you want to watch a specific show.

What does tv 14 mean on Netflix:

The TV programs that have a rating of TV-14 are considered appropriate for teenagers and adults only. This rating suggests that the program may contain adult themes or concepts, violence, or strong language and, therefore, should not be watched by children under 14 years of age if unsupervised.

However, it is up to parents’ discretion as it ultimately depends upon their opinion whether what types of content they deem appropriate for their child or not. For example, some parents may allow their kids to watch such shows after discussing what is right and wrong, while others may prefer watching it themselves first before allowing their kids to.

TV-MA – What does TV-MA mean on Netflix?

The TV programs that have a TV-MA rating are considered only suitable for adults. This rating means that the program should not be watched by anyone under 17. It may contain explicit nudity, drug use, and sexual activity, so it’s inappropriate for children. Parents need to understand that these shows are unsuitable for their children. They may contain highly offensive language or concepts that parents don’t want their kids to watch before they are mature enough to process them properly.

Many believe that any kid who wants to watch such shows is capable of doing so, but the fact is that once you start watching graphic content at an early age, there will always be a thing in the back of your mind which will keep telling you to watch it again and again. That’s why parents should always keep an eye out for what their kids are watching on Tv.

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