What Does 30 Chance Of Rain Mean?

What Does 30 Chance Of Rain Mean?

The National Weather Service (NWS) defines a 30% chance of rain as meaning that, during the day, there is a 30% chance that it will rain at some point.

30 % chance of rain

This means that out of 100 days with the same conditions as today (temperature, humidity, etc.), it would rain at some point on about 30 of those days. This does not mean that if you wait outside for 30 days in this climate, you’ll get to see about three rainy days. At least not very likely … although it could happen! It just tells you what type of weather conditions to expect “on average.”

A 70% chance of rain means that it is more likely to rain than not during the day, whereas a 20% chance means it is more likely to be sunny than rainy.

What does 50 chance of rain mean?

Chance of rain means the likelihood of rainfall occurring. It is usually expressed as a percent chance, often from 0 to 100%.

But it may also be expressed in other forms such as odds or probability. For instance, if there is a 50% chance of rain, then it effectively means that for every one time you check the weather forecast, you will get it correct half of the time (not necessarily half the time out of 1 occasion).

We have extensive experience with weather forecasts at The Weather Outlet and know how to deliver accurate predictions. Still, we do admit that forecasting precipitation types can be complex, so while your chances are good at getting an accurate forecast by following us, you always should pack an umbrella just in case!

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