What could a solo Hulk movie look like in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Mark Ruffalo returned to the subject of a new hulk movie (which would be the first with him as the protagonist) and we can not stop thinking that it is already necessary (and yes, we know that Universal is still involved in the equation, which makes the negotiation of rights with Marvel Studios more complicated). It would be the only film dedicated entirely to the character that, within the Marvel universe, was carried out by a different actor than the one who would later deal with it during the most successful stage of the franchise in the cinema. Edward Norton did his job in more than recognizable ways, but Ruffalo has been the one who has already, without being able to avoid it, related him to this character / alter ego able to alternate between a brilliant scientist and a beast of enormous strength and endurance. And now we stop to ask ourselves: in what period of the character (at least in terms of the comics) could this film piece be placed? That is what we are going to address, including asking if he would be a candidate for any cameo.

These are assumptions, but assumable. Let’s start from a base: in the film adaptations of Marvel, The comics canon is not 100% respected. They are just that, adaptations that, respecting various aspects, pose situations that end up interlocking in a masterful way. So a new Hulk movie offers a good number of options for connecting figures. And it is sure that some have already salivated thinking of a stellar appearance of Tony Stark (obviously played by Robert Downey Jr.) or something similar. Even better: if there is a Black Widow movie on the way, some allusion wouldn’t hurt. Even more with the “roll” Constant between the characters. And now is when someone could salivate thinking about the classic post-credit scene in that production in which Mr. Ruffalo walks along some flank …

What timelines could we explore? There is a fairly clear one, However, it has already had some prominence. You all know what we mean: Hulk has an almost co-starring role in Thor: Ragnarok, and in that environment Planet Hulk was used as a base. On the one hand, correctly. On the other, limiting the option of actually exploiting that timeline. Be careful, before we have someone around our necks: the Thor movie – the most hooligan of his filmography – We love it, and especially a server, who considers it the best in the entire Marvel universe. But an adaptation of the series that would begin with the arrival of the Hulk in Sakaar turned into a slave to contemplate his ascent until ending the King Red and being considered a great gladiator (who indeed could link with the aforementioned Thor Ragnarok) would be a spectacular environment with levels of science fiction to unleash the imagination of the producers to the extreme.

The first cameo is evident: Samuel L. Jackson, in his role as leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. He would be in charge of sending the Hulk to fix a satellite. And although his idea would be to launch it to a planet (according to the comics), a tantrum from the giant would provoke a space event that would launch it to a portal, reaching Sakaar. In fact, we would automatically retake the character Miek (who is already known from Thor Ragnarok), who would evolve to be king of his hive in a metamorphosis that would make him resemble the already known being we saw in the film that preceded Infinity War. Korg he would also intervene, stopping the Hulk in a fight that would ensue between himself and Miek, in addition to his brothers.

Hulk continues to gain supporters, his own army, and move masses, leading to a confrontation for power against Caeira. The purpose: Hulk ends up becoming king of Sakaar. And this is where the story could differ since, in the Marvel film universe, it is during the character’s stay on the planet as a gladiator when Thor appears, for having strayed from his trajectory. Certainly, all the elements that we have presented to you, present in Planet Hulk are valid and give, more than enough, for a film. However, it seems not to fit with the later; without going any further, shortly after this he joins the fight in the aforementioned Infinity War.

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A theory to frame the continuation of Planet Hulk, World War Hulk, within the current UCM canon has come in recent days to Reddit, with the same driving vehicle for Banner’s wrath: the death of his beloved. “Banner destroyed his arm and Natasha died, but then Tony got all the credit for the victory when it was the Hulk who snapped first and brought everyone back. The banner is having anger issues, even though Ruffalo’s version is cold, still, It’s in her story. I see it like this: Banner gets depressed, he begins to think that if he were as strong as Sakaar, he could have brought Natasha back or personally defeated Thanos and she didn’t have to sacrifice herself. leads to the appearance of ‘Devil’ Hulk, which at UCM will be basically a vindictive and violent version of the super-strong World Breaker Hulk brought on by Banner’s guilt and anger. “Certainly, seeing the Hulk totally out of control again would be more enjoyable than that submissive version of Professor Hulk today.

Let’s put ourselves in a different scenario: Hulk to star in the post-Endgame movie without radically changing his hero position. And this, in fact, would be the most lawful, given that we are already in another phase and would be to bring back many elements that are supposed to be out of date. The character survived in the end (yes, we do not think that at this point saying it is a spoiler) although with his arm dusty for having used the infinity gauntlet to bring back the disappeared in Infinity War. We would be in a new world, in which there are many stories to explore. An environment in which Captain America comes to be the ancient Falcon (You already know that the shield was handed down, but not the “charge”) and that the US Agent enters the scene. If everything goes according to plan, the next thing about it would be a series of Falcon (already in his new role) and the Winter Soldier who will arrive at Disney plus. It will be in the summer when we know what new situation they pose, in which a new general plot could possibly be developed. But one of the series that would be on the way is none other than She hulk.

For those more versed in Marvel, this character, who happened to be Bruce Banner’s cousin Jennifer Walters, receives a blood transfusion that causes it to mutate and become a more similar version to the Hulk we saw in Endgame and becomes part of The Avengers and the Fantastic Four. The new Hulk movie would be an absolutely perfect environment to show us the appearance of the character, giving rise to one more link between the cinema and the Phase 4 series. Jessica Gao He is in charge of the products that will arrive at Disney Plus and of which, according to recent information, there would already be a totally ready script. For once we are not moving with guesses, and while the most anxious are already dreaming of a Ruffalo cameo, it would not be surprising that in new film production, links are run with the show that will delight fans of the scarlet giant within one year, if they keep 2021 as the premiere date.

We can only wait, fantasize and wait for good news from the good of Bruce Banner and his family. But what is clear is that we are facing a branch open to hundreds of possibilities.


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