What Channel Is The Bucks Game On?

What Channel Is The Bucks Game On:

The Milwaukee Bucks are on Fox Sports Wisconsin for those who do not know about NBA League Pass. I am not sure if this will be a problem because FS Wisconsin is unavailable with DirecTV. This means that regardless of how many people live in the Milwaukee area and how big a Bucks fan you are, it will be impossible for you to watch any games on national television.

I was browsing around tonight looking for information regarding the upcoming season. I came across an article by Gery Woelfel from The Journal Times titled “Bucks’ TV blackouts could cast a pall over the franchise.”

In his opening paragraph, he states:

“The Milwaukee Buck’s new management has taken steps to expand its fan base and is asking loyal supporters to buy more expensive tickets with the promise that home games won’t be blacked out when televised locally. The problem is, many of those fans who helped bail out the franchise by buying multiple-game packages in recent seasons might not be able to watch Bucks games on TV.”

I understand why Woelfel would write this article because it does draw attention (whether good or bad), but it also makes the Bucks look like they are turning their backs on their most loyal fans. If you read through his piece, he wrote about how FS Wisconsin is in negotiations with Time Warner Cable in hopes of gaining carriage for FS Wisconsin in Milwaukee County but has yet to reach an agreement, which means there have been no negotiations between Fox Sports Wisconsin and DirecTV.

This is a big issue for the Bucks because they averaged around 16,000 fans per game last year (which was 29th in the league), but only 8,000 of those were through ticket sales. The rest were people who watched the games on TV. So if you are one of those who owns Buck’s multiple-game package, you will be blacked out from watching the games on TV.

What channel is the bucks raptors game on tonight:

This is a massive issue for a Bucks fan because Woelfel states that Bucks owners have told their season-ticket holders to buy more expensive tickets with the promise that home games won’t be blacked out when televised locally. This means you will only be able to watch those games on FS Wisconsin, which might not be available in your area (which means no NBA League Pass).

I say this is such an important issue for fans of the Milwaukee Bucks because it might hurt attendance at games and how much people want to come back to the Bradley Center. If you have been going to games since 1999, you know what I am talking about.

As much as we like seeing the young talent and having hope for this upcoming season, we don’t want it to be like the Chicago Cubs, where we wait decades for a playoff berth. We already feel like we are waiting decades for a competitive basketball team, and if the games aren’t on TV, why should we even bother going? This means that when ticket pre-sales begin in September (when season-ticket holders get first dibs at tickets), the only people buying them would probably be those who can watch games through FS Wisconsin or NBA League Pass (or both).

It is a little disheartening that the Bucks have not reached an agreement with DirecTV, and it seems like they are turning their backs on their fans. I am curious to see if this issue gets resolved before the start of the season or if it will be a blackout for some games.

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