One Piece shares titles from anime episodes 970 to 973

One Piece just finished one of his best bows of anime to date, and it looks like another great story is on the way. With the Saga de Wano In an interlude, the show has been focusing its attention on Kozuki Oden during his prime, and it seems his story is about to be interrupted.

Recently, a host of episode titles released for One Piece, and they were saying, to say the least. It seems that the program Eiichiro Oda you’re about to continue your focus on Oden to the end, so if you want to know how the next four episodes, you can see below.

So please! Be careful! There are major spoilers in The Truth News below for One Piece episodes 970 – 973. We also remind you that you can watch the anime legally from Crunchyroll O Funimation.

One Piece titles episodes 970-973

According to the translations, One Piece will return with episode 970 titled “Sad News, Dawn of the Great Pirate Age!”. The next episode will be titled “Raid! Oden and The Akazaya Nine” before episode 972, “Settling the Score! Oden VS Kaido!”.

And for the latest teaser, episode 973 is the most revealing of all with the title “Grief in a boiling kettle, Oden’s time of death.” The above is no surprise to the fans, however, One Piece does not skimp on offering emotional episodes for its followers.

Source: @Yonkouprod on Twitter (One Piece 970-973)

Clearly, One Piece is about to take Oden on his final journey, and his downfall will be hard to see. The show has painted the leader of Wano as a jolly man with a passion to match Luffy’s. His death is not shocking in any way, but it will still hurt to watch. So, it is best not to lose this popular anime series closely.

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