“We Hear” Episode 2: Cardi B’s Not Okurrr is Out Listen It Now!!

“We Hear” is A Brand New Podcast Brought to you by the Marvelously Famous Page Six Column from the New York Post.

The Latest Podcast of “We Hear” has Aired its Episode 2 and is Becoming Popular among the Listeners. With the Successful Popularity of Episode 1, Page Six Column has now Brought Episode 2 of “We Hear” Podcast.

Cardi B
Cardi B

The Amazing Idea of “We Hear” Podcast is Brought to you by the Page Six Heart-Warming Editors Maggie Coughlan and Ian Mohr. The Podcast is about the Breakdown of the Biggest Stories of the Week that are Loved by the Listeners.

Because of their Inside Resources, “We Hear” Podcast can be able to brief you about What Really Went Down. When they dig in the Behind the Scenes of the Story, They inform the listeners about all angles of the Story.

Literally They can Tell You the Story behind the Story due to their inside resources. “We Hear” gives you all the Celebrities Dirty Shits along with the actual Story. When Listeners Hear the actual story, they are so shocked that This was the story that Actually Happened.

Listeners all over the world are now able to hear the Actual Reason behind the Biggest Stories of the Week. The real facts that caused the whole Story is now revealed due to the Efforts of “We Hear” Podcast.

How Many Episodes of “We Hear” are Broadcasted?

To be Exact, There are 3 Episodes That are Broadcasted till now. With the Growing Popularity, “We Hear” will bring you Next Episodes soon after the Next Weekend.

Page Six Column has brought this Amazing Podcast “We Hear” recently only. Although Listeners were Excited about this Podcast When the Trailer of “We Hear” Broadcasted a few days ago on September 5, 2019.

People were startled and stunned by Listening to the First and Foremost Episode of “We Hear”. Episode 1 is Entitled as “Calming Down Kanye West”. These Story about Kanye West has Became More Popular Last Week. But you can here the Actual Story behind the Spicy Story that the Media Published.

“We Hear” has Published all the 3 Episodes Yesterday on September 16, 2019. All the episodes are now available to hear on Podtail.

About Episode 2 of “We Hear”:

Cardi B’s Latest Brawn about Four-Fold with a Curfew. The Famous Actress Scarlette Johanson gives the Bird to her Potential Emmys Nod. After A Long Silence on the Media, Renee Zellweger is back to face the Spotlight.

Timothee Chalamat is Hyping the Internet with his charming personality. Page Six Editors and Hosts Maggie Coughlan and Ian Mohr Discuss with the Special Guest Page Six’s senior reporter Oli Coleman.

Listeners can Listen To Episodes 1, 2, and 3 Now Available on Podtail.

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