Blockchain Play-to-Earn Games 2022- The Ultimate NFT Game List

Have you ever wished to get paid to play a video game? That does seem like a dream. But, thanks to play-to-earn blockchain games, that dream has already been fulfilled.

There are two dynamics at work in the process of earning money by playing these blockchain games. The first is that you earn in-game cryptocurrency through gaming. The second method is to get NFTs by earning or purchasing in-game items, which are then sold on the NFT marketplace for a greater price. Isn’t that appealing?

All you need is a steady internet connection and a fun game to keep you entertained. For the connection part, Spectrum internet has got you covered. Spectrum Internet keeps you on top of your game by providing the fastest downloads, most consistent service, and ultra-low latency times. 

And for selecting a fun game, we have got you covered. The following is a comprehensive list of the finest blockchain play-to-earn games to play in 2022 if you want to make money from your favorite hobby.  

  • Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is powered by the Trillium (TLM) token, which serves as both an in-game coin and a complex utility asset with superior DeFi functionality. As a result, many NFT specialists believe TLM to be an excellent investment.

Apart from TLM’s great usability, Alien Worlds is also one of the metaverse ventures with the rapidly expanding community. Alien Worlds is surpassing the competition in terms of recruiting new players because of constant marketing efforts and other community activities.

Alien Worlds, like other blockchain play-to-earn games, allows players to explore a vast virtual environment. In this situation, after acquiring the planet of your choice, you will be exploring it. You can grab up to 100 free crystals each day or mine them using Aliens tokens once you have purchased your land. You can later sell these items for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

  • War Riders

War Riders is a post-apocalyptic, next-generation MMO Play-to-earn NFT driving game in which you may blow up vehicles and mine BZN Tokens.

You buy your vehicle, your firearms to install on your vehicle, and then you adorn your vehicle with whatever you want, all of which is done on the blockchain, of course. You can purchase certain assets from the in-game market and trade or sell the rest via the Open Sea NFT marketplace. To participate in the game, you must first create an account and link it to your cryptocurrency wallet. After you’ve signed up, you may download the game and begin playing.

Overall, this is one of the greatest MMO Play-to-Earn NFT games to date, and it will completely kill your boredom.

  • Star Atlas

Star Atlas is one of the most noticeable blockchain play-to-earn gaming ideas. The idea for the Unreal Engine 5 game is to create a large-scale space MMO RPG for star citizen scouts. Players will be able to own spaceships, board them, and journey to the outer reaches of space in this game. It is said to be a grand strategy game with trade politics and a functioning economy at its core.

The hyper-realistic images will make you feel as though you’ve walked into the cabin of an interstellar ship at first glimpse. Besides that, the game trailer has presented noteworthy tales in the form of movie sequences, encouraging gamers to give it a shot. 

This play-to-earn blockchain game, on the other hand, is said to be the most expensive of all and is exclusively for professional NFT players and investors. Star Atlas advises utilizing the Phantom wallet. If you don’t already have one, you’ll need one to buy Star Atlas NFTs and continue playing. The phantom wallet features a browser connection that makes collecting easier. Star Atlas NFTs may be purchased with ATLAS, the game’s main token, or USDC.

  • AXIE Infinity

Axie Infinity is a trade and fighting game in which players may collect, raise, battle, and sell digital creatures called “Axies.”  The game takes a “pay-to-earn” method, which means that after paying the first fees, users may earn an Ethereum-based in-game token.

To get started, create an account on Axie Infinity’s website and deposit some ETH into your crypto wallet. The Ronin Wallet can then be downloaded. Use the Ronin Bridge to send ETH to Ronin. After that, you’ll need at least three Axies before they can start playing. The starting cost of three Aaxies has risen to more than $1,000 by December 2021.

Players may use their Axies in combat and sell and purchase them on the NFT market. Smooth Love Potion, often known as SLP, is required for these Axies to breathe. If you’re wondering whether or not you should play and invest in this play-to-earn NFT game, one of the most important factors to consider is the possibility of profit. However, like with any other investment, there are risks associated. If you’re a potential player searching for a cool game to invest in, Axie Infinity is a terrific place to start.

  • Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a Player vs. Player strategy game in which you design a thirty-card deck and align yourself with one of six gods to outsmart your opponents. After that, you select four mighty powers. In each battle, you can only use one power. After that, you’ll be fighting in the arena.

Gods Unchained is a simple and free game to play. In just a short time of playing it, several gamers have risen to the top of the leaderboards. It can reward gamers for their efforts through game prizes and weekend competitions. The game is already entertaining to play. When you add in the ability to earn money and card ownership, you have a great combo.

To wrap it all,

Thanks to Blockchain technology, the idea of earning money while playing video games has become a reality. It will seem weird to play a game for free in 2022 and beyond when you can have fun while simultaneously filling your crypto wallet with NFT play-to-earn games driven by blockchain technology.

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