Better call Saul season 4: All you know about, release date, cast, plot, recap

Better Call Saul season 4: All you know about, release date, cast, plot, recap

Better Call Saul is one of very famous television drama series which has enormous fans. The good part of this article is that Better Call Saul is coming back with its season 4 (congratulations to its fans).

Better Call Saul Season 4
Better Call Saul Season 4

This show has received critical acclaims from critics, and audiences tat brought it six nominations (it is a pending nomination) and 71st Primetime Emmy Awards, Creative Arts Emmy Awards.

By witnessing these awards, one can conclude this show has not just earned awards’ but big fan followings too! Here is all the news related to season 4.

The plot of the Better Call Saul season 4

Here, fans will watch with the continuation of the same storyline with other twists and turns. In this season, fans will get to see various alterations in the next story of season 4. Jimmy’s’ brother chuck dies, and this becomes the reason for the change in Saul Goodman.

Whereas jimmy has started with his new profession, and that is he enters into the world of crime, and that is how his relationship with Kim passes through a rough phase.

Whereas, in season 4, this will be seen that the death of chuck causes much loss for many people! So it has a profound impact on Kim as well as and Howard bears his share for the loss of chuck. Moving on to Mike, he becomes one of contracted security consultant for Madrigal.

The cast of the Better call Saul

As the name of the show has been kept on Saul, so he is going to be part of the cast! Of course, other he is the main character in the show. Bob Odenkirk is going to continue in the show as James Morgan who will be in the occupation of attorney, he continues to explore the criminal world, and then he had to face this situation of getting his license canceled for having indulged with chuck (now deceased).

Patrick Fabians are going to appear in the role of Howard Hamlin. After the death of chuck, he will get into insomnia and depression thing. Rhea shoehorn will be there as Kimberly, and she is the attorney of Jimmy in the professional world but girlfriend in personal life. The role of Michael is going to be played by Jonathan Banks.

Michael Mando is going to play Ignacio, the role of a criminal who works for the Salamanca drug ring and he gets corporation by Gustavo Fring (when he tries to kill Hector Salamanca).

The role of Gustavo is going to be played by Michael Mando. On the other hand, he has a restaurant of fast food: chain Los Pollos Hermanos as a front. Also, he blackmails Nacho into working for him.

Kerry Condon is going to play Stacey Ehrmantraut – the daughter-in-law of Mike’s widowed and mother of Kaylee Ehrmantraut.

Keremiah Bitsui will be seen in the character of Victor!

Ann Cusack will be playing Rebecca Bois – ex-wife of chuck

Dennis Boutsikaris – he is going to appear in the show as abundant Schweickart crossing in the class action lawsuit jimmy develops.

Andrew Friedman – he will be seen as Mr. Neff, the manager of Neff copiers

Daniel and Luis Moncada – Daniel will be seen as Leonel and Luis as macro, Tuco’s cousin and nephew of hector. Who are hitmen of the cartel?

Keiko Agena – Keiko will be seen as Viola Goto, the paralegal of Kim Wexler.

Eileen Fogarty – Eileen will appear as Mrs. Nguyen (owner of a nail salon and jimmy is on the rent on the back room.

Other characters

Rainer bock as Werner Ziegler

David Costabile as gale Boetticher

Tommy Nelson as Rocco

Franc ross as ira

Cara Pifko as Paige Novak

Rex Linn as Kevin Wachtell

Better Call Saul Release date

The releasing date of Better call Saul is 6th august, 2018. Season four of better call Saul will carry ten episodes which will be telecasted each Monday at 9:00 PM. Now this will be all exciting for fans to watch what next is waiting for them and how things will be for the characters in the show? Well, of course, these things are clearing that the show is going to offer an awesome something to its fans with many tremendous twists and climaxes.

Recap of the Better Call Saul  

Since chuck will die, there will be many things which may change in the show. Howard is going to be part of insomnia and depression. Kim and Jim will see a rough phase in their relationship.

The dark storyline in the better call Saul

Jimmy, Kim, and Howard all are upset about chuck’s suicide. This season is going to be different from another season now psychological things will be seen in the show. The condition of jimmy worsens after the death of chuck because chuck said hurting in their last meeting. He said to Jimmy: he never mattered to him.

But jimmy did not tell about this to Kim, and hiding this would cause jimmy a significant loss. On the other hand, Jim and Kim witness a very rough phase of their relationship. There is going to more heavy balls in the show. The premiere will also include a sequence of the mike. Now by moving the story, it will work towards banks to the Emmy.

The trailer of the better call Saul

Better call Saul ha already launched its trailer. Anyone can see it, the trailer of better call Saul is impressive.  YouTube also has the trailer of the show better call Saul!

Final words about Better call

Many alterations are going to be part of this show and as chuck has suicided. This is obvious that Howard, Kim, and Jim will try to know the reason behind it. And Jim will even try to understand why Chuck has said those profound hurting words that Jim never mattered to him! Since chuck has died, it is going to impact so many lives along with his own. The show has lots of surprises to offer.

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