We Are The Wave Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Other Details

The German drama series “We Are the Wave” has returned for a second season. The show’s first season will premiere in 2019, and it will be a drama/mystery in the vein selected by Jan Berger, Christine Heinlein, Ipek Zubert, and Kai Hafemeister Thorsten. Anca Miruna and Mark Monheim are the show’s directors. The show is based on the novel The Wave by Todd Strasser, which follows a group of five teens as they claim and break a number of norms in order to achieve justice. The episodes are brief yet packed with twists and surprises.

Like any good family drama, the We Are the Wave series builds to a climax and tons of secrets while yet leaving certain things unsaid and tales still developing at the finale. Initially, the renewal of the show for a second season wasn’t anticipated, but it has since become obvious because of the huge demand from fans for fresh information about We Are The Wave Season 2.

We Are The Wave Season Cast and characters


  • Ludwig Simon as Tristan Broch, the new boy at school with a troubled past, leader of The Wave, and Lea’s love interest
  • Luise Befort as Lea Herst, a wealthy girl who is fed up with her life, a member of The Wave, and Tristan’s love interest
  • Michelle Barthel as Zazie Elsner, a student who is constantly bullied, member of The Wave, Hagen’s love interest, has a crush on Tristan and was once bullied by Lea
  • Daniel Friedl as Hagen Lemmart, an antisocial boy, member of the Wave, and has a crush on Zazie
  • Mohamed Issa as Rahim Hadad, an Arab who is bullied because of his race; a member of The Wave, and Paula’s love interest
  • Recurring
  • Milena Tscharntke as Sophie, Lea’s best friend
  • Leon Seidel as Rahim’s bully
  • Bela Lenz as Rahim’s bully
  • Robert Schupp
  • Stephan Grossmann
  • Kristin Hunold as Kim, Zazie’s bully
  • Sarah Mahita as Paula, Rahim’s love interest
  • Luis Pintsch
  • Bianca Hein as Rike Herst, Lea’s mother
  • Christian Erdmann as Andreas Herst, Lea’s father
  • Jascha Baum as Luis
  • Nicole Johannhanwahr as Hagen’s mother
  • Stefan Lampadius as Teacher Fleisser
  • Livia Matthes as Nikki, Tristan’s old friend
  • Daniel Faust as a drug dealer
  • Leander Paul Gerdes
  • Manuel Klein as Giese

We Are the Wave Plot: What’s it about?

In “We Are the Wave,” we see an uprising go horribly wrong. Every uprising in history has its roots in a worthy cause. Bullying, fat-shaming, racism, and other forms of harassment and abuse are real problems for some high school students. They have no way to defend themselves, either because their tormentors are physically superior or because their affluent parents give them greater clout at school. They have good cause to be quiet and ride out the persecution for the time being. If not, they have no choice but to flee.

They need action, and they require it from someone who can shield them from danger. Tristan Broch provides it for them. He’s a new youngster who doesn’t seem very interested in doing what he’s told or showing deference to anyone in authority. He calls out each bullied child by name and encourages them to stand up for themselves. This struggle must occur in waves, ultimately including all parties involved, from those who inflicted harm to others who stood by passively when they needed help to the corrupt authorities who refused to provide it.

When an initially peaceful demonstration obtains widespread support, the situation deteriorates. The victims of the bullies are now the ones receiving the Wave’s tyranny. Some individuals like this, while others worry that they are becoming like the enemies they once vowed to defeat.

Season 2 of ‘We Are the Wave’ will see the movement become even more powerful when supporters from all across the globe rally behind it. Right-wing politicians will likely conspire against The Wave, and a new villainous business may emerge to challenge The Wave. One thing is certain in light of this: the next season will be even more impressive than the previous one.

We Are The Wave Season 2 Release Date

The first season was successful, and now viewers eagerly await the second. The first season concluded on November 1, 2019, and fans have no idea whether there will be a second season. Neither Netflix nor the show’s creators have announced its renewal or cancellation, so it seems like we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out whether Season 2 will truly materialize.

Where can I watch We Are The Wave Season 2?

There are a total of six episodes in Season 1 of We Are The Wave, and each one lasts between 45 and 55 minutes. Fans of dramatic television may watch all of the episodes now on Netflix. Season 2 of We Are the Wave is available to anybody with a membership, an abundance of network, and a lot of popcorn.

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