‘Emily in Paris’ season 3 release date, cast, precap and everything you need to know

Emily in Paris is a rom-com American drama showing the struggles of an ambitious American woman going to Paris for an office project.
Netflix is the sole distributor of the series and the series was released on 2nd October 2020. The second season was released after over a year on 22nd December 2021. Each season consists of 10 episodes and run time ranges between 24 to 38 minutes.
Let’s now get the information about the makers and editors!

Makers, Directors, Writer, etc:

It is a must to know who created the film, who were the producers, and who is the one that directed the movie. The series was filmed in Paris itself.
Well, Emily in Paris is created by none other than Darren Star. He is famous for creating other dramas namely Beverly Hills, Melrose Place, Sex and the City, Younger, and Emily in Paris (2020–present). The Producers’ team consists of Darren Star, Andrew Fleming, Tony Hernandez, Lilly Burns, Stephen Joel Brown, Shihan Fey, Jake Fuller, Lily Collins, Raphael Benoliel, and Joe Murphy. Cinematography was done by Steven Fierberg, Alexander Gruszynski, and Stéphane Bourgoin. The main editors were Alex Minnick, Laura Weinberg, Jesse Gordon, John Rafanelli, Brian Ray, and Veronica Rutledge.

Main cast:

1. Lily Collins as Emily Cooper (Main lead)
2. Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie (Badass French boss)
3. Ashley Park as Mindy Chen (Emily’s first friend in Paris)
4. Lucas Bravo as Gabriel, (Emily’s hot neighbor)
5. Samuel Arnold as Julien, (co-worker)
6. Bruno Gouery as Luc, (co-worker)
7. Camille Razat as Camille, (new friend and Gabriel’s girlfriend)
8. William Abadie as Antoine Lambert (client)

The plot of the series:

Emily holds a personality of a lifelong learner, achiever, focused, and change seeker. She is always seen as cheerful and seeks to improve the work environment around her. She is 29 years old and works in Chicago until she got an opportunity to go to Paris as a social media strategy manager. Excited as she, she immediately agrees to the job offer and packs her things to leave for Paris. However as the world is evident, things do not go exactly the same as we think. The same happens with Emily as she enters a new workplace, meets a new boss and new co-workers. All of them behave distant considering her an American lady who would not appreciate and understand their work culture. Apart from that, Emily is really bad at speaking French adding to her miseries. How she manages her career, relations with co-workers and her love life brings excitement to the audience.

Season 1 detailed overview:

The first season was released on 2nd October 2020. It consists of 10 episodes each having a run time of around 28 minutes.
Emily works at a pharmaceutical firm in Chicago and the story begins with Emily discussing business with her boss Madeline. Meanwhile having a conversation, Madeline realizes that she is pregnant and hence unable to go to Paris for the job as a social media strategy developer. Now the job offer goes to Emily, and she readily accepts it.
Emily excitedly calls her boyfriend to inform him about her job in Paris, shocked as he, reminds Emily that she cannot speak French and that would cause trouble there. However neglecting the language barrier, Emily backpacks her things and leaves for Paris. She takes accommodation in a building with no elevator but her flat has a nice view from the window. Excited Emily, creates and an Instagram account named ‘Emily in Paris’ and starts documenting her journey there. Now starts a hard part, as she enters her new office. Her first encounter happens with Julian and receives not so good response. Later on, she is introduced to her French boss and harshly told that she is appointed only because of a business deal and not because of her skills or anything. Apart from that, she is also told that as she worked at a pharmaceutical firm, she has no idea about how a fashion firm is handled and how French values marketing. Not getting offended she keeps her excitement high and tries to stay cheerful. While getting back to her flat, she accidentally knocks on the fourth floor, mistaking the fifth one. There she meets an attractive man. While sitting in a garden, she makes a new friend Mindy Chen, a nanny.
Though there is a rough environment in the office, she convinces her boss to invite her to the work party where she ends up irritating Sylvie by talking with her married lover. Emily was unaware that the client was Sylvie’s lover. As a punishment, Emily is put to the marketing department of ‘Vaga-Jeune’, a lubricant for menopausal women. She writes away an article about the product in anger and it surprisingly goes viral. On the other hand, her boyfriend staying in Chicago is now calling her back there just because he is not feeling well with this long-distance relationship. Not only that her boyfriend cancels the trip to Paris as decided earlier. Emily angrily breaks up with him.
On a fine day, she is invited to a commercial shooting, where she sees that the advertisement is sexist and complains about the same. Emily suggests an online Champaign that goes hugely successful and as a gift, Antoine sends her La Perla lingerie. On the other hand, Mindy arranges a party for Emily so that she can make new friends and it turns out to be a huge failure for her. Now she runs to Gabriel’s restaurant.
Camille rescues Emily while she struggles in communicating at a flower shop. Camille is a stranger in Paris, and she is nice and lovely. At work, Emily tries to save Sylvie in an argument with Antoine. On a working visit, along with Sylvie and Julien, Emily meets Pierre Cadault, who disrespects her by calling her ‘basic bitch’. The only good thing that happened to her on that day is meeting a French philosophy professor named Thomas. They get along really well and she invites him to her apartment. After catching Gabriel and Camille, they get invited to a restaurant. After meeting Thomas, Gabriel warns Emily about him which actually turns out true later on. She realizes Gabriel was right when Thomas insults Pierre at Swan Lake telling them that it is a ballet for tourists. As the story moves ahead, Camille invites Emily over lunch and invites her to meet her family. She asks Emily whether Savior can accept her family’s Champaign vineyard as a client. However, Sylvie did not like the idea of marketing the campaign. On the other hand, she meets a member of AFL who asks her whether Pierre can donate the dress for AFL’S Fundraising Champaign. For this purpose, she arranges a meeting with Mathieu Cadault at the opening of an art gallery. At the same time, Sylvie and Luc set a meeting with Camille at the same place. At the auction of AFL, Grey Space shoots Emily with paint and now Emily’s embarrassing video gets viral. Pierre and Emily get a rough fight over it and after leaving his house, she meets Mathieu.
In the last episode, she is on the verge of losing her job due to canceling a fashion show by Pierre. However, she is trying her level best to save her and her firm. Pierre on the other hand gets ready for meeting with Emily and Sylvie and agrees to set a fashion show right at the front of her previously decided venue. They get an immense response and the story ends on a happy note.

Season 2 summary:

The second season was just released on Netflix in December 2022. Though being such a new show, it claimed a position in the top 10 most-watched shows.
The second season is a continuation of the first one and shows Emily is still struggling with her life in Paris. She ends up getting intimate with her hot neighbor Gabriel and betrays her only friend Camille. Now the story takes a turn of a love triangle! Day by day her work-life gets worse at Savior, making us really sad for her. However, in this season she agrees to take a French class where she meets her fellow, a British banker. He appreciates her work, however, Emily is still behaving in a pejorative way. In the second season, she tries to solve the old mistakes she made and ends up getting into more and more trouble. Just like the first season, she brings out all the right marketing strategies for her clients, though causes many problems. You will see the relations between Emily and Sylvie get better and better day by day. As a result of that Sylvie offers her to join the new firm that she and her husband expect to be highly successful as they have a huge client base and one of them is none other than Gregory Dupree. Emily gets really happy with the offer she receives. On the personal side, she and Mindy discuss how she loves Gabriel and Mindy advises her to confess feelings as she would not be leaving Paris.
So the second season shows improvement in Emily’s personal and professional life as well.
If you are an ambitious lady with a soft heart and a feel-good kind of genre is your interest that this one is worth the watch.
In January 2022, it is confirmed that there will be season 3 and 4. However, as season 2 was just released in Dec 2021, there will be a considerable wait period.

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