Eva Longoria’s Best Solution For The Gray Hair!!

As you all know that the world is suffering from the Coronavirus pandemic currently, everyone is isolating themselves at home. It will be safe to stay at home as much as possible. But there are so many things that you will not be able to do while staying at home. Such as you can not visit your hairdresser if we talk from Eva Longoria’s point of view.

Eva Longoria’s New Magic Root Cover-Up

If you are following Eva Longoria over her social media handles then you will realize about the gray hairs. During this lockdown days, you are surely leaving many gray hairs on your head. But you will be able to know the simple way of how to keep your gray hair away. Eva Longoria is offering you the best solution that will help you with the gray hair.

Recently, Eva Longoria, the brand ambassador L’oreal Paris did share a video post on social media. In the video, Eva Longoria shows her fans and followers that they can easily and instantaneously cover the roots of the gray hair with Magic Root Cover-Up.

Eva Longoria describes the results of the Magic Root Cover-Up from L’oreal Paris in the video. She informs the viewers that it only took her 10 seconds to cover the roots. She says, “The other thing that I like is that it does not stain the skin when I use it. It does not disappear, does not stain the hands. I don’t know what it’s made of, but it is magical.”.

Well, it was not even a few minutes before Eva Longoria’s fans and followers did begin to discuss the new solution. There were some celebrities that also did say that Eva’s hair looks more professional.

Serena Williams Praises, “That is a must-have item!”.

“This thing is amazing!!”, said Olivia Munn. “Your hair is still natural”.

The best thing as per Eva Longoria is the price range as it varies from $8 to $19 dollars. People are hoping to try the new Magic Root Cover-Up from L’oreal Paris as soon as possible.

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