WandaVision anticipates the resolution of mysteries with its new trailer

Stay Tuned is the title of the new clip of the series, which avoids spoilers but anticipates several interesting moments.

WandaVision has become one of the series of the moment, generating a lot of hype chapter by chapter in this weekly premieres format that provoked controversy, but is still turning out a lot for Disney+.

For this reason, we are awaiting any preview of what is to come, such as the one recently published.

“I think it will be really satisfying when people realize what is at the heart of this series, ” promised Paul Bethany in this particular video that, while it does not show new scenes from the episodes, it does have an interesting talk between actor Elizabeth Olsen, Kathryn Hahn, and director Matt Shakman.

Even though it’s always nice to see the actors out of their roles, the promo video aims to anticipate that all those WandaVision mysteries eating our heads will be solved during the next few episodes.

Let’s hope so because we already have several key doubts about the history of these two Marvel characters at this point.

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