Yu-Gi-Oh !: announced the nice Nendoroid dedicated to the Young Dark Magician

To date Yu-Gi-Oh! remains an extremely important franchise as regards the competitive and collectible sphere linked to the card game, in which many new monsters have been inserted, however making the originals seen in the first, historical adventure of Yugi, such as the Young Dark Magician, even more unforgettable.

In fact, alongside the iconic Black Wizard, Yugi has repeatedly shown the power of his deck by sending one of his favorite cards to the battlefield, the Young Dark Magician, who in the past we remember belonged to Mana, best friend of the Pharaoh, and who currently remains one of the very present cards in tournaments organized around the world.

Over the years the Yu-Gi-Oh! has continued to grow, also thanks to new animated transpositions that no longer see historical characters as protagonists, and above all thanks to the official merchandise made available, including a statuette dedicated to the Young Dark Magician who has returned available only recently after 4 years, while for those interested in the products of Good Smile Company, the Nendoroid has recently been presented dedicated to her, as you can see from the images below.

The figure will be available in 2022, and will have a number of accessories, such as the Burning Black Magic effect, the little Kuriboh and the Summon-Kuriboh Flute. Recall that Yugi and Ash met in a disturbing crossover, and we leave you to an app that allows you to duel using augmented reality.

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