Wakfu Season 4: Release Date, Cast, And Other Updates

Do you enjoy watching anime? Do you want to join the fandom when the anime series gathers traction? Do we, not all have that one friend that forces us to watch anime? The popularity of animated shows continues to rise, but the most current buzz is about anime.

I believe that Japan is well-recognized as a source of high-quality animated television. There has been some acceptance of this technique in other countries, particularly in Europe. The French Republic is one of them. Antimatter and Gallimard Jeunesse are responsible for the French animated series Wakfu. On October 30, 2008, it was introduced as one of their newest animated series.

The popular fighting game Wakfu served as an inspiration for this show. The show’s success following the premiere season prompted the creators to order further episodes. The anime was localized into other languages, dubbed for English speakers, and streamed on Netflix. There have already been three seasons of the show so far, and talk of a fourth season keeps coming up.

Wakfu Season 4 Release Date

Now, after our earlier pronouncements, it should be abundantly evident to everyone that the show’s creators have greenlit a fourth season. Despite this, fans have been awaiting patiently for news from the production team for quite some time. Our information suggests that the production studios are still hard at work on the show and that there have been no discussions about canceling it. In case you missed it, the show premiered in 2008 for its first season and ended in 2010 after 26 episodes. The second season premiered in 2011, ran for a full year, and concluded in 2012; the third season premiered in 2017, and so on.

Season 4 of the show was originally scheduled to premiere in 2020, but there have been no more updates since then. Our sources indicate that the release of season 4 of Wakfu is now more likely to occur in 2024. But nothing has yet been confirmed, and we’ll have to wait a bit longer for additional updates.

What is Wakfu?

Wakfu is an extremely well-liked anime that has been airing on Adult Swim since October 30, 2008. Season 3 includes 65 regular episodes and 5 one-offs. The animation studios Ankama, France Televisions, Frakas Productions, and Pictanovo worked to bring Anthony Roux’s vision to life in anime form. The anime is directed by Anthony Roux and Fabrice Nzinzi.

Wakfu Storyline

The well-known anime Wakfu is set in a fantastical setting and features exciting drama. And the plot has the protagonist, Yugo, being given to the bounty hunter as a baby by the small town with the explicit command that he must one day track down his biological parents. And as Yugo matured, he came to understand the extent of his enchanted abilities. While the wicked group attacked Yugo’s hamlet, he and his pals decided to rescue the locals, track down his parents, and uncover his mysterious background.

Wakfu Voice Cast and characters

  • Yugo Voiced by: Fanny Bloc (French); Jules de Jongh, Erika Harlacher
    Yugo is a 12-year-old Eliatrope who recently discovered his powers, and is on a mission to find his true family.
  • Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm Voiced by: Adeline Chetail (French); Jessica Bell, Christine Marie Cabanos(English)
    Known as the Adventurer-Princess, she is a 13-year-old Sadida. Because of this, she is able to talk to plants as well as control them.
  • Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove (also nicknamed Dally in the English dub) Voiced by: Thomas Guitard (French); Ross Grant, Kyle McCarley (English)
    A 16-year-old lop who was born on October 12, Percedal is a “Knight of the Order of the Guardians of Shushus”, entrusted with the guardianship of the demon-sword Rubilax.
  • Rubilax Voiced by: Gérard Surugue (French); Keir Stewart, Doug Erholtz(English)
    A Shushu, or a demon trapped in an object, in the form of a gem on the hilt of Percedal’s sword.
  • Evangelyne Voiced by: Geneviève Doang (French); Jules de Jongh, Kira Buckland(English)
    A 17-year-old Cra, Evangelyne is accompanying the Sadida princess Amalia as a bodyguard. She is committed to her job but also acts as an older sister to the young Amalia.
  • Ruel Stroud Voiced by: Patrick Bethune (French); Hugo Chandor, Keith Silverstein(English)
    Ruel is an old friend of Yugo’s adoptive father Alibert, as well as a treasure- and bounty hunter known as an Enutrof. As a favor to Alibert, Ruel agrees to accompany Yugo on his travels.
  • Adamaï Voiced by: Dorothee Pousseo (French); Joanna Ruiz, Cristina Valenzuela(English)
    A shape-shifting dragon who comes into contact with Yugo during their visit to the island of Oma and is revealed to be Yugo’s brother, born of the same dofus.
  • Grufon (Skribble in the English dub) Voiced by: Damien Da Silva (French); Taylor Clarke-Hill (English)
    A minor Shushu, who has been trapped inside a map. In the beginning, he would only show the group where to go if they flattered him, but he would never give them proper directions.
  • Elely voiced by: Caroline Lallau (French); Jules de Jongh (OVAs), Cristina Valenzuela(English)
  • Flopin voiced by: Karl-Line Heller (French); Julie-Ann Dean (OVAs), Marcy Edwards(English)
  • King Oakheart Sheran Sharm Voiced by: Phillipe Dumond (French); Tom Clarke-Hill, Kirk Thornton(English)
  • Queen Sheran Sharm Voiced by: Jessica Barrier (French); Fiona Clarke (English)
  • Prince Armand Sheran Sharm Voiced by: Cedric Dumond (French); James Nickerson, Doug Erholtz(English)
  • Chamberlain Tofdrew Voiced by: Gérard Surugue (French); Eric Meyers (English)
    Canar & Renate
  • Canar voiced by: Arnaud Laurent (French); Taylor Clarke-Hill (Season 1-2), Eric Meyers (OVAs) (English)
  • Renate voiced by: Damien Da Silva (French); Eric Meyers (Series), Tom Clarke-Hill (Mini-Wakfu) (English)
  • Alibert Voiced by: Thierry Mercier (French); Joe Mills (English)
    Cleophee (Cleome in the English dub) Voiced by: Maryne Bretieaux (French); Joanna Ruiz (English)
  • Grougaloragran Voiced by: Benoit Allemane (French); Tom Clarke-Hill (English)
  • Master Goultard Voiced by: Bruno Choel (French); Anthony Adonis, Ben Pronsky(English)

Wakfu Season 3 Ending Explained

The conclusion of Season 3 was a bit clumsy, and fans were left confused after learning that Yugo wasn’t going to be able to revive the Eliatrope kids. Qilby created the Eliacube, but Nox claimed ownership of it in the first season. Oropo eventually admitted to putting it there.

In the second season, Qilby learns how to correctly wield the Eliacube, but then things start getting dark after he claims to have destroyed the Eliatrope society several times. He explains to Yugo that the only way to reach the White Dimension and rescue the kids is by using the Eliacube. No matter what Yugo tries, fans of the third season know that Oropo is using both the Eliacube and the Dofus and that the children will never return.

Wakfu Season 4 Plot

We haven’t gotten any proper updates about the story of the fourth season of the show, and that’s because the trailer hasn’t been released yet. The young child will continue on his quest to learn about his family and himself, and it will eventually come to a conclusion. That’s exactly right. The showrunners have stated that Season 4 will be the last and that the show would stop after that.

Wakfu Season 3 Rating

The anime Wakfu has a large fanbase and has been praised by critics. The average audience score on Myanimelist is 6.96 out of 10. The show has an 8.2/10 rating on IMDb. For sure, I’ll be watching this series. Check out what others thought of it after viewing it if you are still on the fence.

Where can I watch Wakfu?

If you’re a fan of anime and you’ve been wondering where you can view Wakfu, you can stop worrying because all three seasons are now available to stream on Netflix. The newest Wakfu anime series is available for streaming on Netflix.

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