The Attack of the Giants: the community “celebrates” Gabi’s birthday

The first part of the fourth season of theAttack of the Giants has introduced many new characters, and among these are also the Eldian soldiers in the service of Marley who try to show their skills on the battlefield to obtain the powers of the Nine, such as young Gabi, who has received special wishes for his birthday.

In fact, considering the narrative developments shown following theassault by Eren, transformed into the Attacking Giant, to the leaders of Marley’s nation, Gabi is currently one of the most loathed characters of Hajime Isayama’s opera fans, and of course they didn’t hesitate to show him on social media.

As you can see from the various posts reported at the bottom of the news, only some of those present on the net, @animetv_jp has started a series of derogatory comments about Gabi’s character, threats through clips of well-known wrestlers, and even images that show bitterness and pain about what happened over the course of the season. Although Gabi looks helpless and worried in the last scene of the first part of the fourth season, we know that killed Sasha Blouse with a shotgun, one of the most promising members of the Reconnaissance Army, and particularly loved by readers and viewers.

Recall that a cosplayer has perfectly recreated Annie’s design, and we leave you with all the information leaked so far regarding the live action film of the series, produced by Warner Bros.

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