Violet Evergarden Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Find Out All Details

Violet Evergarden Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Find Out All Details About The Upcoming Season


Violet Evergarden is a series based on the adaptation from The Light book. When a series gets positive comments both from the critics and its fans, we know it’s ticking the right box. After receiving an award for the best cartoon category, it is all set to be back with some more fun, some more action, and much more entertainment.

Release date

No official announcement has yet been made for its release date yet but we expected it to be aired in early 2021 however the worldwide lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic is most likely to affect and delay its release date.


After the success of season 1, sources expect the cast to stay almost the same.  The actors include Yui Ishikawa, Erika Harlecher, Inert Bougainvillea, and Claudia Hodgins. The actors have already made a huge fan following because of their performance and we shall expect more from them in the upcoming season. The sources, however also hint on adding some new faces to the star cast. So let’s be prepared to witness something with more twists.

What to expect?

No trailers and no official announcement has yet been done by the production house regarding its storyline. But what the fans and the sources are expecting is the story to be continued from where it left in the previous season. The violet father left her at the end of the last episode. Violet Evergarden who was an ex female soldier joins her new job of writing letters to connect people and as a matter, if fact she is enjoying her new job. Let’s catch up Violet from where we left her and let’s see what she does to her life.

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