Venom Sequel Will Helm By Andy Serkis

Venom Sequel Will Helm By Andy Serkis

Venom Get a good response on box office. Now Makers are hit the floor to make Venom Sequel, ‘Venom 2’ Movie. Recent Reports from the Makers of Venom Team. Venom 2 Will be helm by Hollywood multitalented Andy Serkis. Andrew Clement Serkis is Hollywood Director and Actor. Now, he is all set to direct the Venom Part 2.

Andy Serkis Venom
Andy Serkis Venom

Approximately, the star cast of the venom will remain the same in the sequel. Alongside Alien Symbotie once again journalist role will play by the Star Tom Hardy in Venom 2.

Venom is produced under Sony’s Banner. After Andy get an offer to direct the second part of the Venom. He Straight Away flies to Los Angeles to meet the makers of Venom. So, He will discuss the film line from the beginning. Sony Will approach Andy to making the Sequel. Sony Brass organized the several filmmakers meeting regarding the Sequel part In July. Andy got his heat and make it a chance to make Venom 2.

Andy Serkis helmed the previous directional projects such as 2017s ‘Breath’ and 2018s Rudyard Kipling Stories and ‘Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle’

Serkis is also famous for his acting skills. He captured as performance capture acting work as Gollum in Peter Jackson’s ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Trilogy. This was filmed from 2002 to 2004.

First Part of The Venom is directed by the Ruben Fleischer. And Writer of the movie is Kelly Marcel. Venom first part is starred, Michelle Williams Appears as the last cameo,  Woody Harrelson who is the main villain of the Venom. Cletus Kasady is the starring as a Carnage. Carnage and Woody Have Work Together in the “War of the Planet of the Apes” in 2017.

So, This will be Serkis next individual project. Previously, He was a part of the Travis Knight’s Bumblebee and Rupert Wyatt’s Rise fo the Planet of the Apes. Ruben Fleischer will handle the post-production work in Studio from 2018’s Zombieland: Double Tap. So, Sony wants once again Ruben for post-production work in their studio. This news comes after when sony announce the untitled Marvel Studios Sequel. So, Sequel hit the theatre in October 2020.


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