Hollywood Star Featuring in Gaborone’s Dreamer Exchange Expo

Hollywood Star Featuring in Gaborone’s Dreamer Exchange Expo

First Session of the dreames exchange is completed and dubbed successfully. Where you can see creative masterclass from the Berry Lwadwo. Again Two Hollywood stars are joined the Dreamer Expo. Yes, Dr. Rainbow Barris and Carnetta Jones will join the other film category stars, and Expo session will be divided into two parts.

Hollywood Star Featuring in Gaborone's Dreamer Exchange Expo
Hollywood Star Featuring in Gaborone’s Dreamer Exchange Expo

They are attending the content producer’s and an actor’s workshop before the expo session. The topic of the session will be Motivational kind of. They are preparing the speech about adolescent girls and young women along with side Hollywood industry leaders.

This report is published from the Botswana Unplugged Talk. Where Dreams Alive Club- Founder and Programme Director, Tshepiso Maruping said on behalf of the organizers. He spoke about the creative professionals and noted about the learn and giving the example of Hollywood benchmark.

Statement of Maruping

He turns the conference into the thriving economy from the entertainment. For that, he said, “The Dreams Alive Club through the Hollywood Talents hosted over the years continues to aim at allowing Batswana to get Expert advice from various experienced and acclaimed artists who are operating on those well-established platforms, such as Hollywood. Another significant reason is, to demystify Hollywood.”

Here he talked about the various experience from the Hollywood stars. So, they provide an opportunity to gain the proper platform.

Further he added, “We want to show Batswana that ‘Hollywood Stars’ are normal people just like us, who have only worked hard to reach and live their dreams and aspirations; therefore we can achieve what they have made if we also pursue our talents the same way with passion and endurance towards all our thoughts and desires.”

History About The Expo

The Fair is behind the Gaborone’s Expo. They started in 2015. So, At that time, They have promoted Reyna Joy Banks, Amber Baker, and Barely Evans.

Then Comes to 2016. Morocco Omari and Tasha Smith are in the limelight in Expo. 2017 Expo Featuring the South Africa ETV’s Scandal Cast Stephanie Sandows and Hungani Ndlovu.

In 2018 Organizers are promoted Post World’s AIDS Day. So, There First Lade Terry Pheto addresses the Session. This is how Dreame’s Exchange comes in 2019.

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