Cast Is Confirm For ‘Coming To America’ Sequel

Cast Is Confirm For 'Coming To America' Sequel
Cast Is Confirm For 'Coming To America' Sequel

Cast Is Confirm For ‘Coming To America’ Sequel

Before a few days ‘Coming To America’ sequel. Officials have announced the cast for the sequel. They have added iconic star actor Westley Snipes along with the Eddie Murphy. In Original Film, Murphy is played the role of the Prince Akeem. In Film, he lives in the Zamunda named nation and he is the spoiled prince of this fictional African nation.

Cast Is Confirm For 'Coming To America' Sequel
Cast Is Confirm For ‘Coming To America’ Sequel

The plot of the film rolls up like Prince Akeem goes for America in search of the wife but there he ended up with the getting a job in the fast-food restaurant of America. So, Sequel Story goes as Akeem returns again with in search of the son. This time, not wife sequel makes changes to and he will come to America in search of his son.

According to the sources, Snipes is introduced with the new character of General Izzi, And he is playing the role of neighbor rulers fo the Zamunda.

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This the second movie where Murphy and Snipes are sharing a screen together. Both iconic star previously featuring in the Dolemite is my name movie. This movie was the biopic of the Comedian Rudy Ray Moore. This movie is selected for the Toronto International Film Festival this year September month.

Coming to America Sequel Director is Craig Brewer. He is the filmmaker of the Hustle and Flow. Along with Murphy and Snipes, another cast member is the Arsenio Hall. He is repriced again the sequel as the best friend of the Akeem name is Semmi.

This Film is started shooting in the last April. But at that time they do not confirm the official premiere and release date of the movie.

At That Time Hall Said, “Coming to America 2 is going to happen probably before the end of this year because they got Craig on payroll and they’ve already hired Ruth, who’s an Oscar-winning wardrobe person,”

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Hall started like, “I Would Guess August, But that would be a guess. You would have to call Craig and Eddie to find out.”

Officials of the movie are not confirming the date. At that time actors are part of the reading workshop for the last draft of the script.


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