V Wars Season 2: Will There Be Another Season?

The protagonist of the science fiction horror series ‘V Wars,’ Dr. Luther Swann, is in a race against time to find a treatment for the biological infectious toxin that has turned his best friend, Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes), into a vampire. As the number of afflicted people rises, society divides into two groups: humans and blood.

The series, developed by William Laurin and Glenn Davis, debuted on Netflix in December of 2019. The series is based on Jonathan Maberry’s anthology series and comic book of the same name. The first season finishes on a massive cliffhanger, leaving fans eager for more. The question of whether or not there will be a second season needs to be answered first. What do we see?

V Wars Season 2 Renewal Status

The series’ loyal audience has some disappointing news to hear. After only one season, Netflix chose to end production. This means that Season 2 of V-Wars will not be coming to fans any time soon. Before deciding whether to renew or cancel a show, the streaming giant takes into account a number of factors, including viewership, production costs, and critical reception. Despite having a sizable fan base, the show was ultimately canceled due to high production costs and generally negative reviews. Fans are upset about the decision since it leaves them hanging after the first season. And they couldn’t wait to see what Season 2 had in store.

V Wars Storyline

The plot of the show centers around the spread of a virus that was trapped in the Arctic permafrost but was eventually liberated owing to global warming. An all-out conflict breaks out between humans and Bloods as tensions rise throughout the show. The Bloods are a persecuted minority that has been subject to human persecution and incarceration. Calix Niklos (Peter Outerbridge), one of the few who seek to profit from the situation by manipulating the masses, sets out a bloody rebellion among the Bloods.

Ava betrays Michael Fayne, head of the Blood Nation and patient zero of the virus, by siding with Calix. Calix, king of the Blood Nation, isn’t satisfied until the humans accept to serve as food for the Bloods rather than as “masters.” He’ll do anything to get what he wants, even if it means risking the health of 30 million people to do it. Most importantly, he wants to make sure the Bloods don’t trust humans.

There are a number of surprising developments in the season 1 finale. One reason is that Dez, Luther’s son and the only human known to be immune to the vampire virus, is abducted. The loss of Michael strengthens Luther’s resolve to combat the virus’s spread. Luther, who used to be a doctor and scientist intent on finding a cure, now has a whole different outlook. He prepares to end the crisis the only way he knows how: with blood.

V Wars Season Cast and characters


  • Ian Somerhalder as Dr. Luther Swann
  • Adrian Holmes as Michael Fayne
  • Laura Vandervoort as Mila Dubov
  • Kimberly-Sue Murray as Danika Dubov
  • Sydney Meyer as Ava O’Malley
  • Michael Greyeyes as Jimmy Saint
  • Jacky Lai as Kaylee Vo
  • Kyle Breitkopf as Desmond “Dez” Swann
  • Peter Outerbridge as Calix Niklos
  • Kandyse McClure as Claire O’Hagan


  • Emmanuel Kabongo as Jack Fields
  • Jessica Harmon as Jess Swann
  • Greg Bryk as Bobby
  • Teddy Moynihan as Jergen Weber
  • Ted Atherton as Elegabulus
  • Jonathan Higgins as General Aldous May
  • Samantha Liana Cole as Theresa
  • Laura de Carteret as Senator Sasha Giroux
  • Bo Martyn as Detective Elysse Chambers
  • Nikki Reed as Rachel Swann

What will happen in V-Wars season 2?

The story of V Wars follows scientist Luther Swann as a virus transforms many people throughout the world into bloodsucking vampires, including Swann’s best friend Michael Fayne. IANS reports that star Ian Somerhalder is looking forward to developing two new Indian characters in the upcoming season.

‘In season two, we’ll get to dive deeper into characters who we’re incredibly enthusiastic about,’ he said. “We’re going to combine two incredible Indian characters—a father and a daughter.”

Season 2 will pick up where Season 1 left off in adapting the V-Wars comics. There was an uneasy peace between humans and vampires, but if the show is like the second comic anthology V Wars: Blood and Fire, that peace will be shattered and the vampire war will overrun the globe once more. You can count on more of Ian Somerhalder, bloody vampire deaths, and tense interactions between humans and the undead.

Will the show ever return?

Everyone is crossing their fingers that Netflix would reverse its decision and greenlight more episodes. Ian Somerhalder, the show’s star and creative force, agrees. He isn’t quite ready to say goodbye to the show just yet. Even when Netflix canceled the show, he reassured supporters on social media that the tale wasn’t over. It’s not the end of the line for Dr. Swann or V Wars,” he reassured them.

There’s a wealth of fascinating anecdotes that I intend to share. I know that you guys came in droves to check out this performance. Fans of the V Wars franchise have shown up in droves. Certainly not ten or twenty million of you. Dozens of millions of you, to be exact. We still have some fantastic things to figure out, but be assured that I will let you know as soon as I do. To put it simply, I am indebted to you.

Netflix’s support in producing and releasing the pilot episode is also greatly appreciated. There’s a ton more to this amazing narrative that I can tell you, show you, and inspire you to make. It appears that Ian has no intention of giving up on the series and will do anything he can to get it back on television.

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