The Heavenly Idol Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Everything We Need To Know

Is there going to be a second season of Heavenly Idol? Want a dose of magic with your dose of laughter and romance? Then, nothing beats The Heavenly Idol, the newest South Korean drama to hit streaming services. The Heavenly Idol’s debut season has captivated viewers with its original story and superb acting.

Pontifex Rembrary is the protagonist of The Heavenly Idol, a novel by Lee Cheon Geum. He suddenly finds himself living as Woo Yeon Woo, a relatively obscure Korean music star. As a result of the success of the first season, the show has quickly risen to the ranks of highly anticipated dramas. As a result, they can hardly contain their enthusiasm for the forthcoming season two of The Heavenly Idol.

Is there any word on whether or not The Heavenly Idol will return for a second season? When will Season 2 of Heavenly Idol premiere on Netflix? If you’ve been wondering when the next season of The Heavenly Idol will air, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got you covered with all the information you need right here.

The Heavenly Idol Storyline

There has never been another tale like The Heavenly Idol. This drama will certainly appeal to those who think our planet isn’t the only possible one. The premise of this drama hinges on parallel universes. This is a new take on Shin Hwa-jin’s Holy Idol. Rembrary, the supreme priest of another realm, is transferred into the body of Woo Yeon-woo, a popular singer in South Korea. The main twist of the story is that Rembrary is teleported at the worst possible time.

The highest priest and his soldiers are on the verge of defeating the antagonist in their universe when suddenly they are teleported elsewhere. The world’s highest priest is trapped in the body of a K-pop idol and starts having an affair with a woman named Kim Dal when he should be defeating the adversary who has threatened his home for almost a century. It remains to be seen how the real Woo Yeon-woo would handle the other world’s lethal enemy, and how the real Rembrary will manage his or her career as a K-pop idol. If these are the kinds of things that are going through your head, you need to start watching this series.

The Heavenly Idol Season Cast and characters

  • Kim Min-kyu as Rembrary / Woo Yeon-woo
  • Go Bo-gyeol as Kim Dal
  • Lee Jang-woo as the Evil One (Mawang)/ Shin Jo-woon
  • Ye Ji-won as Im Sun-ja
  • Hong Seung-beom as Choi Jeong-seo
  • Shin Myung-seung as Hwang Tae-in
  • Choi Jae-hyun as Kasy
  • Shin Kyu-hyeon as Cha Hae-gyeol
  • Tak Jae-hoon as Sun Woo-sil
  • Lee Dal as Kim Moo-rok
  • Oh Jin-seok as Oh Jung-shin
  • Kim Seo-ha as Maeng Woo-shin
  • Jung Su-hyeon as Raken
  • Wonjun as Typhon
  • Lee Woo-tae as Vasily
  • Jang Young-nam as Yeomra
  • Park Sang-nam as Sa Gam-jae
  • Cha Joo-young as Redrin
  • Baek Seo-bin as Chief Jang
  • Ryu Seung-moo as a hwansin

The Heavenly Idol Season 2 Storyline

In the first season conclusion of The Heavenly Ido, Pontifex and his sweetheart, Kim Dal, have a happy ending that will please and delight viewers. However, with this conclusion, there is no story left for Season 2. Since work on The Heavenly Idol has been canceled, there is no announced plot for season 2. The season 2 plot of The Heavenly Idol has been kept from the fans for quite some time.

The Heavenly Idol Season 2 Release Date

The newest Korean drama, The Heavenly Idol, is currently airing. To date, four episodes of the drama have been produced, with a fifth set for broadcast on February 23, 2023. The premiere of Season 5 of the drama is set for March 1, 2023. Currently, the drama can be seen on TVN every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 p.m. KST. There has been no announcement regarding season two of the show. The producers have not yet chosen whether or not to renew the drama series for a second season.

Korean dramas seldom get renewed for a second season. However, there is an exception with Squid Game (which may be renewed for a second season). There are rarely sequels in Korean dramas that focus on romance. The only season we get is the first one. And the story of The Heavenly Idol is still unfolding. Since the situation is still ongoing, we can’t say anything about it at this time. So far, viewers have responded positively to the drama, but the series’ ultimate numbers won’t be known until after it has concluded. The producers may opt to return the drama for a second season based on viewer feedback.

The Heavenly Idol Season 1 Rating

Since its inception, the show’s ratings have been strong. Fans were thrilled to see fantasy drama veterans Kim Min-kyu, Go Bo-gyul, and Lee Jang-woo in the initial trailer. The premise set the stage for an enjoyable romantic comedy with elements of the fantastical. Viewers from all around the world have given it a 6.9/10 rating on IMDb and a 7.8 rating on MyDramaList.

Where can I watch The Heavenly Idol Season 2?

Rakuten Viki currently hosts all 12 episodes from the first season of The Heavenly Idol. There has been no official word on where the second season of The Heavenly Idol will launch online, but Rakuten Viki seems a safe bet.

The Heavenly Idol season 1 Review

Being the first leading part for both Kim Min Gue and Ko Bo-Gyeol, two well-respected performers, this drama had high hopes. Since the protagonist is always getting himself into sticky situations, it’s hard to imagine that he’ll always be able to pull through. She was talented, but I don’t know if she can ever recover from all the stress she’s been through.

There were stretches where her acting was so dull that she might as well have been starting out. To begin, let me state that I recognize that everyone has different tastes and that this may not be for everyone; nonetheless, I did not find it to be as horrible as many have made it out to be. To get the return to his own realm, Remary had a long list of things to do, and I appreciated that the romance had been kept to a minimum. In addition, it provided the opportunity for improvement and development.

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