Ursula Cornero, on Instagram with an erotic background from the set of La Casa di Carta: the photo

Still great success for the star Ursula Corbero sul social network Instagram: the profile of the Iberian actress, protagonist of The House of Paper, reached 20 million and 600 thousand followers on the social network and the milestone was celebrated with a photo of her.

No exposed skin, but a great desire to rebel against the standards of social media: from the set of the Netflix series, on which he is in these days for the production of the fifth season, the interpreter from Tokyo got the help of my colleague Miguel Herran to immortalize a pose to say the least pushed, in which both actors ‘show their attributes’.

As usual each photo of the star is able to spark the attention of fans of the Spanish series. Corbero has published many provocative shots in recent months on its social channels, quickly becoming a real icon of Twitter and Instagram, with millions of likes always collected in a very short time.

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We remember that The Paper House 5 it should be the last season of the successful Spanish series. Work has restarted after the stop due to the blockade imposed due to the Coronavirus emergency. will be the most adrenaline-pumping ever as reported by Alex Pina and fans can’t wait to watch these new episodes to find out how the events of the most famous thieves on TV will end.


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