Boruto: Episode 193 Makes a Major Change in Naruto

The protagonist of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations he knows his father well, but he doesn’t seem to know everything about his friends. As millions of fans know, Naruto He spent much of his life on the sidelines trying to show the world his worth.

Naruto certainly managed to beat the odds, and it looks like he’s destined to help Kawaki to do the same. And to do so, the anime just made a major change to the Seventh Hokage that should have been made a long time ago in the manga.

It all happened in the Episode 193 from the shonen anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Kawaki and Naruto’s son continue to navigate their newly joined destinies. As for the Seventh Hokage, he obtained permission for his companions to house Kawaki in the Hidden Leaf, and broke the news to the boy in a strange way.

Warning! Boruto Spoilers: Episode 193

If you have read the manga, you will know that Naruto was quite abrupt in his encounter with Kawaki. The boy was told to behave under threat of punishment, and Naruto didn’t mind playing. In fact, he even leaned into his Kyubi Mode to intimidate Kawaki, and the threat worked in the end.

However, the anime did not return to these extreme actions. Instead, Naruto was more understanding in his conversation with Kawaki. While the boy was still as stubborn as usual, the blonde was much more empathetic in his focus on the small screen.

Kawaki now lives in Naruto Uzumaki’s house

While he promised to keep Kawaki at bay, Naruto kept his power to himself as he leveled up with Kawaki, and the moment seems to be a hit with fans of Masashi Kishimoto. After all, Boruto has spent a lot of time on television making Kawaki a more empathetic and personable character than the manga.

Studio pierrot has given the character space to become a fighter we can sympathize with, and his parallels with Naruto are hard to miss. His mysterious pasts will now inform the future of the Hidden Leaf, and the Seventh Hokage hopes to help Kawaki without taking down any kind of threat.

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