Tyler “Ninja” Blevins Net Worth!!

Tyler Blevins or “Ninja” is an American social media personality who happens to be a Youtuber and Professional Gamer. As of November 2019, he is one of the most followed personalities on Twitch.tv. He has more than fourteen million followers and also has more than 50000 views at an average.

As of 2020, the estimated Net Worth of Tyler Blevins or Ninja is around $20 Million. He did put in too many efforts and hard work in order to accomplish the achievements.

There are so many fans and followers of Ninja and you can have a look at his amazing popularity over his social media account. Along with such a huge fanbase, Tyler Blevins has more than 17 million Youtube Subscribers. It is remarkable for a 28-year-old Youtuber to have such fame and popularity.

Early Life

Richard Tyler Blevins was born on the 5th of June in 1991 in Lakeville, Illinois. Tyler Blevins was a year old when his family has to move to Chicago suburbs. His childhood was like all the other kids which include playing video games and sports. He was happily enjoying his childhood years while attending the Grayscale Central High School.

Tyler Blevins or Ninja did begin playing soccer when he was in high school. But it was remarkable that he was also an avid video gamer. He was managing both being an enthusiastic sports person to keep his body in shape as well as playing video games like a pro.

Tyler Blevins is most popular for playing one of his favorite games Fortnite. Also, it was remarkable that Tyler Blevins was playing the game with famous celebs like Drake and Travis Scott. He did get the opportunity to play with the professional Football player Ju Ju Smith Schuster. In his early childhood, he knows that he was having much interest in playing games rather than anything else.

There were many times in his life where he can not be able to achieve the goals that he desires. But currently, he is one of the most popular internet media personalities with having a great amount of fortune. People consider Ninja as the pro player that no person can beat when it comes to his favorite games. He can consistently play the video game for hours without taking a break.

It is sure that he has some great gaming skills and so he is making a career out of playing games. He is earning most of his fortune from playing games. Also, he was successful to win so many mega game events that happen at a different time of the year. For Tyler Blevins or Ninja, it was surely a great career choice for which he is earning a great fortune.


It is such an interesting and admirable to have a look at the career journey of Tyler Blevins or Ninja. He was a Leisure video game player at first when he did begin his career. But now, Ninja is one of the greatest professional gamers that every gamer wants to become like. He keeps inspiring people with his record-breaking gaming skills. Sometimes he breaks his own records in playing games.

It is sure that there are not many people who can turn their hobby or a thing to pass the time into a great profession. But fortunately, Ninja or Tyler Blevins was successful enough to move forward his career into something he loves. It was 2009 when Tyler Blevins first did enter into a competitive Halo 3 gaming event that did happen in Orlando. He surely wins the event and from there his successful career begins.

In 2011, Tyler Blevins or Ninja becomes a regular streamer for Justin.tv at first but moves to Twitch.tv later on. He did manage to win Halo 4 2012 MGL Fall Championship with his team. He even scores the highest in the final game which surely was the reason for him to win the event.

Tyler Blevins joins the Luminosity Gaming as a Halo player in 2017. Then he did make it a success when playing the PUBG Gamescom Invitational in the 3rd Person Squads Classification. Eventually, he shifts from Luminosity Gaming to Battlegrounds.

It was surprising that Ninja only has 500,000 followers in 2017 which was then burst out with 250 percent by 2018. Meanwhile, he also sets the Twitch.tv record for a single individual stream when he was playing Fortnite. It was only possible when he did host a game with Drake, Travis Scot, and JuJu Smith Schuster. That event was one of the most talked-about internet events in history. As the gameplay stream was live, More than millions of fans were watching from different parts of the world.

With only $5 per month as the subscription charge, Tyler Blevins was able to earn more than $500,000 and $1 million with playing video games. Currently, the popularity and subscribers of Tyler Blevins or Ninja is increasing more and more by the day. He is enjoying a great Net Worth of $20 Million as of 2020.

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