Keanu Reeves Net Worth 2020!!

Keanu Reeves is a popular Canadian actor that happens to be a musician, producer, and philanthropist. Along with a remarkably huge number of fans worldwide, Keanu Reeves has a Net Worth of $360 Milion. Throughput his successful career, the Canadian actor did work in dozens of movies. Among them, some o the movies were successful enough to earn billions at the Box Office collection.

You have surely heard the name of the 55-year-old famous actor, Keanu Reeves. He was most popularly known for his excellent performance in movies like “Matrix”, “Speed”, and “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures”. People also recognize him as the star actor of the “John Wick” movie franchise.

Keanu Reeves is one of the popular actors that has fans and followers all over the world. If one has to look for the love and support that fans provide the actor with then the best place will be his social media account. Most people have an interest and excitement to know about every update on Keanu Reeves’ professional and personal life. He is the center of attraction when we are talking about gossips that circle around the love life of Keanu Reeves.

Well, it seems like Keanu Reeves surely has no boundaries or limits when it comes to the genres. He has done so many movies in genres such as humor, science fiction, action, horror, and drama. Currently, he is focussing on his successful career growth and the projects that he is working on.

Early Life

Keanu Reeves was born on the 2nd of September in 1964 to Patricia and Samuel Reeves in Beirut, Lebanon. Patricia Reeves, mother of Keanu Reeves happens to be from Essex, England. While his father, Samuel Reeves was from Hawaii. Keanu Reeves’ parents did meet each other and fall in love when his mother was working as a Costume Designer in Beirut.

It was sad to know that Samuel leaves Patricia and son when Keanu Reeves was only 3 years old. But they keep in touch with one another until Keanu was the age of 6. Keanu Reeves did spend most of his childhood globetrotting with his mother before they finally settle in Toronto, Ontario. His mother has to marry four other times in order to make Keanu the happiest person. Keanu Reeves and his mother did become Canadian citizens in 1971.

The academics and education of Keanu Reeves have to suffer due to the combination of Dyslexia and Anger problems. Several schools that Reeves did attend have to expel him but he was always successful enough to excel in sports. He has skills in playing sports games especially Hockey. It was surprising for his mother that Keanu Reeves has to attend four different schools in five years.

Unlike any other kid in his class, Keanu Reeves wants to chase his dream of becoming a professional Hockey player. But he can not be able to do so because of his sports injury and condition. He did recognize his talent and skill in acting when he has the opportunity to perform in a school production drama of Romeo and Juliet. Eventually, he drops the school completely in order to pursue an acting career.

Keanu Reeves was sure that he will be doing much better by choosing acting as a career. So he begins chasing after his dream of becoming a successful actor. He was one of the people who realize and start putting in efforts for a successful career at an early age. It seems like all his hard work and efforts are paying off currently as a huge amount of net worth.


Keanu Reeves did begin his acting career when he was only nine years old in Damn Yankees. After dropping out of school, he was able to manage to get a green card and so he shifts to LA. There, Keanu Reeves was living with his ex-father who was a stage and television director. Later on, Keanu Reeves was appearing in several commercials, advertisements, short films, and stage work.

It was 1986 when he makes a turning point out of nowhere as he appears in the movie River’s Edge. The movie was surely the starting point of his successful career. From the praising of his role in the movie, he also did manage to have his first successful hit movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures. After the successful hit of the first part, Keanu Reeves was also starring in its sequel movie Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.

After starring in The Devil’s Advocate, Keanu Reeves was receiving great reviews at the Box Office. He also did work in several successful movies later on like Matrix and John Wick movie franchise. Keanu Reeves has taken part in producing some movies as well as playing bass guitar.

Currently, Keanu Reeves is working on several projects that are running through various stages of production. He is happily progressing in his successful acting career with a Net Worth of $360 Million.

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