Tsuki ga Kirei Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Oh, the joys of a first love! It’s gorgeous, thrilling, and gives you willies. And it is the thing that stays with you about a high school relationship. For the simple reason that first love is always the best, regardless of how many times you feel love thereafter, ‘Tsuki ga Kirei’ is an anime that specifically addresses this.

It chronicles the tentative yet exciting relationship between Kotaro Azumi and Akane Mizuno. It was inevitable that their narrative would become famous and praised by romance anime viewers due to how heartwarming it is to watch.

We are all eagerly waiting to find out when Kotaro and Akane will return on screen, over four years after the first season was released!

Tsuki ga Kirei Season 2 Release Date

This program was created by Feel Studio based on an original tale. From its plot to its character designs to its music, the anime series is unique in every way. The simplicity and intrigue of this program are its defining features. Therefore, it received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from viewers.

Still, the program hasn’t been renewed for a second season by either the creators or the production firm. Despite the growing number of fans eager for news about Tsuki ga Kirei Season 2, the show’s creators have remained mum on the matter. Furthermore, the fans’ impatience with the series’ future is being exacerbated by their silence.

Tsuki ga Kirei Story

The start of a new school year means that pupils will meet new peers in different classes. Akane Mizuno, a standout on the track team, and Kotarou Azami, an aspiring writer, found themselves in the same class during their last year of junior high. At first, they are completely unaware of each other’s existence.

However, after a series of intimate meetings, they get closer, and that’s when a flame is kindled in the depths of their hearts. As if by some stroke of luck, they are drawing nearer than before, and there are even a few nervous moments along the way.

Unfortunately, love isn’t as easy as they had imagined, and they quickly confront the difficulties of being in a committed relationship. Even though they like being in each other’s company, they can’t deny the accompanying tension. As they become closer, their fears and doubts about their partner’s true feelings intensify. Under the soft, romantic moonlight, Kotarou musters up the nerve to ask Akane a single question, even though the path ahead seems hazy. Their relationship and their lives are irrevocably altered by this one inquiry.

Tsuki ga Kirei Cast

  • Kotarō Azumi Voiced by: Shōya Chiba (Japanese); Stephen Sanders (English)
  • Akane Mizuno Voiced by: Konomi Kohara (Japanese); Apphia Yu (English)
  • Takumi Hira Voiced by: Atsushi Tamaru (Japanese); Daman Mills (English)
  • Chinatsu Nishio Voiced by: Rie Murakawa (Japanese); Megan Shipman (English)
  • Daichi Ogasawara Voiced by: Makoto Kaneko (Japanese); Tyson Rinehart (English)
  • Roman Yamashina Voiced by: Eishin Fudemura (Japanese); Brandon McInnis (English)
  • Aira Miyamoto Voiced by: Manaka Iwami (Japanese); Kristen McGuire (English)
  • Setsuko Satō Voiced by: Misono Suzuki (Japanese); Kristi Rothrock (English)
  • Miu Imazu Voiced by: Haruka Chisuga (Japanese); Bryn Apprill (English)
  • Sakura Tanaka Voiced by: Honoka Inoue (Japanese); Michelle Rojas (English)
  • Shō Nagahara Voiced by: Yūya Hirose (Japanese); Austin Tindle (English)
  • Yasuhito Inaba Voiced by: Mark Ishii (Japanese); Ben Phillips (English)
  • Aoi Takizawa Voiced by: Haruka Shiraishi (Japanese); Felecia Angelle (English)
  • Tsubasa Kaneko Voiced by: Kentarō Kumagai (Japanese); Aaron Dismuke (English)
  • Ryūnosuke Azumi Voiced by: Kazuo Oka (Japanese); Kent Williams (English)
  • Junko Azumi Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue (Japanese); Alex Moore (English)
  • Hiroshi Mizuno Voiced by: Mitsuo Iwata (Japanese); Sonny Strait (English)
  • Saori Mizuno Voiced by: Chiwa Saito (Japanese); Monica Rial (English)

Tsuki ga Kirei Season 2 Plot

After the first season, Akane and Kotaro both graduated from their third year, which meant that Kotaro had to move. Despite the sadness of the event, their romance continued. We may therefore anticipate Kotaro and Akane’s long-distance romance in any future season of “Tsuki ga Kirei.” It may also concentrate on the difficulties it presents.

Tsuki ga Kirei Season 2 Trailer

The anime’s second season is still a ways off. Aside from that, nobody has said anything officially about it being made. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the second-season trailer is inaccessible.

Tsuki ga Kirei Season 2: Will it ever return?

The first season of the anime was well-praised by critics. It has an excellent rating of 8.17 on MAL and has nothing but positive reviews. Despite everything, the idea is new and has a distinctive graphical style, and there will be no sequel. In addition, the story’s climax is the primary motivating factor.

The first installment wrapped up the plot and ended the book with the main characters saying goodbye. Because of this, the creators of Tsuki ga Kirei will have to start again with the plot and introduce new characters to create Season 2. The developers probably won’t do it since they don’t want to mess up the first installment’s flawless finish.

Where to watch Tsuki ga Kirei?

You probably already know this, but there is currently no way to view the second season online since it has not been revealed. There is, however, a way to watch the pilot episode whenever you like: 9Anime.

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