Top 9 Highest Earning eSports Players Worldwide

9 Highest Earning Esports Players

The world of esports has exploded over the past few years, and so have the players that spend hour upon hour being the best in the world. Esports is no longer seen as a hobby either, as players can earn hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars from tournaments. 

Through these tournaments, there have been several players who have risen to become the most financially successful in the esports world. Here are 9 of the richest esports players worldwide right now. 

Johan Sundstein

Much like the next gen gaming consoles being the best in their class, there are few better than Johan Sundstein. Also known as N0tail, Sundstein has been dominating the world of DOTA 2 for several years now. 

He is currently the richest player in the world, having earned over $7 million from tournaments. Considering the second place is close to $1 million behind, N0tail won’t be dethroned anytime soon. 

Jesse Vainikk

Speaking of the number 2 spot, that is held by another DOTA 2 pro, Jesse Vainikk. Also known as JerAx, Vainikk has been on the esports scene for quite some time, and while he may be near $1 million behind N0tail, he is arguably a better player. 

It has taken N0tail close to 130 tournaments to rack up his winnings, while JerAx has earned over $6 million from just 66. While N0tail may have a solid hold on the crown, many think JerAx is going to be the player to take it from him. 

Kyle Giersdorf

Fortnite may not be at the height of its popularity anymore, but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t one of the most-played games in the world. Kyle Giersdorf, also known as Bugha, rose to fame when he became the first winner of the Fortnite World Cup. 

Since then, he has gone on to win or place in numerous Fortnite tournaments and has amassed $3.5 million in winnings. He is also the richest American esports player and the only player in the top 35 richest not to play DOTA 2. 

Peter Rasmussen

Peter Rasmussen, also known as dupreeh, is a legend in the CS: GO community. He has played for some of the biggest and most successful teams and is arguably one of the best players ever to compete. 

On the Rich List, dupreeh is the highest-earning Counter-Strike player and has taken home over $2 million in his career so far. Considering he hasn’t called it quits yet, more money and tournament victories are definitely on the horizon. 

Andreas Hojsleth

Another Dane and CS: GO legend on this list is Andreas Hojsleth. Known as Xyp9x, Hojsleth has also been part of the biggest CS teams in recent history and was a team mate of dupreeh when he was part of Team Astralis. 

Xyp9x has earned just under $2 million during his career, but with Astralis making their way back as one of the best teams ever to play Counter-Strike, more tournament wins are just a matter of time. 

Ian Porter

Call of Duty may be an established esport, but the Call of Duty League has taken it to the next level. One of the best and most successful players in the league right now is Ian Porter, also known as C6. 

Currently on the roster for the New York Subliners, Porter has won over $1.3 million playing both Call of Duty and Halo. 

Lee Sang-hyeok

The name Lee Sang-hyeok may not ring a bell, but the name Faker probably does. Faker is widely regarded as the best League of Legends player ever. Calling Faker an icon of the game is an understatement at best. 

Faker has earned over $1.4 million during his career, and while he isn’t at the same level as the likes of N0tail, he is the richest League player in the world. 

James Eubanks

Another Call of Duty pro that has made this list is James Eubanks. Known as Clayster online, Eubanks has been a staple in the Call of Duty League since its inception. He has been part of FaZe, the Dallas Empire, and New York Subliners, and is currently on the roster of the Las Vegas Legion. 

Clayster has taken home over $1.4 million from around 130 tournaments and has been on the pro scene since the early 2010s. 

Anathan Pham

Another giant in the world of DOTA 2 is Anatham Pham, or Ana as he is known online. He has been a pro player since 2016 and was a regular in the OG team that dominated DOTA 2 for so many years. 

Now with T1, Ana continues to show why he is one of the best in the world and has the wins and bank account to back it up. He has taken home just over $6 million in his career, making him the third-richest player behind JerAx and N0tail. 

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