Mangakakalot: Is Goblin Slayer Manga Series Worth the Read?

Anime series are all around the internet. The pandemic made a lot of people a fan of anime series as it is a great way to pass time and learn things such as Japanese culture. Anime is a great tool to learn things and discover different points of view. It is often associated with manga. Anime Series often have Manga Series as their basis.

Goblin Slayer’s Season 2 of the anime series is about to release. Due to this, some fans are thinking of reading the manga series as it is ahead of the anime series. The question that hangs behind their mind is would it be worth the read? In this article, we’ll guide you through all things about Goblin Slayer and how you’ll be able to read it for free in Mangakakalot.

The Popularity of Manga

Manga (also known as Japanese comics) is a Japanese form of sequential art that is characterized by expressive and often unrealistic character designs. Manga is a style of graphic novel that emphasizes the use of pictures and text to tell stories. It is heavily influenced by Japan. It often incorporates current societal issues mixed with fantasy. Manga books are comic books from Japan that contain different types of stories and transcend the hero style of comic books.

Manga can be read for entertainment or educational purposes. It is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in Japan. The United States has a large manga fan base because it has a big population and a diverse culture, which makes it easy to connect with other fans. People can learn about different cultures, languages, and values through manga. They can also find role models who are like them.

Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer is a Seinen Action-Fantasy Manga written by Kumo Kagyuu and illustrated by Kousuke Kurose. It was published in the year 2016 and is still ongoing. It was first created as a Japanese light novel and later on had its manga version. Goblin Slayer is a manga series that has a quite twisted plot. The manga series make its readers more invested due to the twist and turns of the series.

Goblin Slayer focused on an unnamed character who has the sole goal of killing goblins. The manga was set in a realm where goblins and monsters live and kill people. The goblin slayer has a bad childhood memory about goblins that killed his whole family. In the series, he met a priestess who had the same experience as him which later on became his love interest and changed him and his focus in life. He created a group that became his reason to fight and end the addiction of taking quests regarding goblin hunting. The story of goblin slayer is above other manga series. It had a lot of side stories due to its prominence.


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Reasons Why Goblin Slayer is Popular

Manga and Anime are often associated with one another. These art forms are prominent among readers and watchers around the world. There are thousands of manga and anime titles online, but what makes Goblin Slayer popular among readers? Here are some reasons why Goblin Slayer is a top pick for millions of fans.

  • Everybody Is Nameless. The lack of a character’s name in the story appears to be the strangest aspect of it all. Instead, each character is given names based on their category or, in the case of Goblin Slayer, their most recognizable trait. Although there doesn’t seem to be a cause, do their names actually matter that much? Maybe the author was correct to not take his time because people frequently become overloaded with knowledge while exploring these fantastical realms and end up just calling to them by the name they associate with them the greatest.
  • An Internet Forum Post At First. It started as a narrative on a message board. Essentially, the plot was proposed on the Japanese discussion board 2ch with the concept of a world wherein the protagonist only engaged in goblin hunting. From there, the author, Kumo Kagyu, began sharing his concepts online. As they evolved and attracted more attention, he finally decided to transform the concepts into a legitimate light novel series and produce its manga series.
  • Its Has Numerous Spin-Off Comic Series. Due to the outrageous amount of fame of Goblin Slayer, various spin-off series have been created throughout the years. All of this contributes to the impression that this fictional realm is more established than most others and seems like its own world.
  • The Protagonist Is Not Goblin Slayer. Although the series is titled after him, he is not the central character of the world. While the story of Goblin Slayer revolves around him, the world continues to function without him. Meanwhile, Hero, a young lady, is the “primary” character in this reality. She is among the world’s 10 Platinum-ranked explorers, and after acquiring a famous weapon, she went to fight the Demon King. She appears to have even more than enough capacity to affect anything she desires in the universe, and she appears rather like an overbearing hero in an RPG.
  • Entire Realm Is Not Real. There is solid proof that this reality is nothing more than a game. In several instances in the light novels, it is hinted that this universe is a tabletop RPG. The actual players are viewed as deities who roll the dice, while Goblin Slayer is characterized as somebody who “does not allow anyone else to roll the dice,” living on his skill instead of chance. There was even a person in his history who hiked a tower to discover a method to leave the “board” and explore what was outside, somebody who hasn’t been yet seen.

Should You Read Goblin Slayer?

Goblin Slayer, as the anime series itself, has an amazing storyline and characters, which makes up the manga as a whole. Reading manga series will keep you ahead of other fans. It can help you comprehend the story as not all scenes are shown in the anime series. Some of the scenes in the manga changed in the anime series, which is widely done among anime series adaptations that often confuse people. 

Reading the manga series will be the best choice if you love reading and prefer to learn more about the manga series. If you want to understand the story thoroughly, start reading the manga series. The story of the goblin slayer itself is twisted and confusing. Although if you prefer seeing the exact scenes themselves, wait for the season 2 release. You can also do both. Read the manga series Goblin Slayer while waiting for its season 2.

Step-by-Step Guide to Reading Goblin Slayer in Mangakakalot

Reading the Goblin Slayer manga series using Mangakakalot would be the best decision you’ll make in your life. Besides the fact that you can stay ahead, you can read comfortably using the platform. The site has a variety of features that can help you on finding the series. The reviews can help you share your thoughts with other readers. Read thoroughly this 3 Easy Steps to Reading Goblin Slayer using Mangakakalot to start reading.

  1. Open Mangakakalot. Using any device available to you open the browser and search for Mangakakalot. Make sure that your device is connected to an internet connection. The manga reading platform can be accessed in any country.
  2. Search for Goblin Slayer. Using the search bar at the top of the page search for Goblin Slayer. You can filter down results to get the exact manga series you want to read.
  3. Start Reading. Tap the manga title. You’ll get redirected to a page where you’ll see the cover, author, genre, theme, summary, and the chapters below the summary. To start reading tap chapter 1 of the manga series. You can leave reviews below every manga chapter. Don’t forget to rate the manga book after reading it!


Goblin slayer started as a light novel that caught a lot of readers’ attention. Later on, it had manga series that drew more fans which pushed it further to have anime series. Goblin Slayer is not your typical anime series. The fight scenes are unfiltered and the characters are unnamed. Reading Goblin Slayer’s manga series would be the choice that can help you stay ahead of other readers. Reading Mangakakalot Goblin Slayer is easy and free.

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