The Attack of the Giants ends: the summary of the final chapter

After 11 years and 7 months of publication, here we are. Hajime Isayama concluded his story in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, a story full of cruelty, dreams, hopes and terror that has kept the whole world spellbound. The Attack of the Giants 139 is the last chapter of the manga. Here is the summary of the events.

The title of Attack of the Giants 139 is “Towards the tree on that hill”, and we see Armin and Eren together within the walls of Shiganshina as children. In reality the whole is just one projection of Eren into Armin’s mind as the protagonist explains everything he is doing. The power of the Founding Giant, Eren’s wishes for Mikasa, how to become the enemy of humanity and the future, the two friends talk about all this as they travel the world admiring rivers of lava, the sea, the Northern Lights and natural wonders. Armin will remember all this only once Eren is dead, and at that moment we return to the present.

Armin awakens in human form surrounded by huge puffs of steam while Mikasa approaches him with Eren’s head. Armin bursts into tears and then he and Mikasa remember together Eren’s desire for a world without giants, as we see Jean, Connie and the others return permanently human. Eren has made himself an enemy of humanity and now it is the task of those Eldians who killed him to become the heroes of the world. As Mikasa leaves the three-dimensional maneuvering device behind to go home with Eren’s head, Levi sees his companions in the Exploratory Legion again, crying and saluting. Sasha also appears in front of Jean and Connie, smiling, as Falco tries to hug Gabi. Reiner and Annie are reunited with their parents, but Secretary Muller and his soldiers aim the rifle at the survivors. Armin will step in and say he was the one who killed Eren Jeager, reassuring the Marleyans about the disappearance of the giants.

Three years later, Historia’s baby is celebrating his third birthday. The world has lost 80% of its population and Eldia is arming herself, creating her own army. In a letter that is read by Armin, Historia explains what is happening on the island of Paradis. Along with the few companions who survived the last battle, Armin is returning to Paradis for the first time to tell his story to the Jaegerists. A bird flies in their boat, and a bird goes around the tree on the hill. There we see Mikasa next to a small tomb where Eren rests. The girl feels lonely and wishes to see Eren when a bird tries to take her scarf. The bird moves away, e Mikasa smiles again thanking Eren for wrapping that scarf around her neck.

The Attack of the Giants 139 ends like this, with the death of the protagonist and a world still far from peace. Let us know in the comments what you think of the chapter.

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