Three Little Birds: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything We Know Far

The creator of the ITV1 program Three Little Birds is none other than the famed British comedian Sir Lenny Henry. Following three courageous ladies as they embark on a voyage to the United Kingdom, the “mother country,” the film is a poignant celebration of immigration.

In his own words, “It’s based on my mom’s story of coming to Britain in 1957,” Sir Lenny Henry said of his creation. As the blurb puts it, “It’s about the trials and tribulations of young black women making a new life in the UK.” In this historical drama, Rochelle Neil (The Nevers) and Saffron Coomber (EastEnders) play the outgoing Leah and Chantrelle, who enlist their Bible-loving friend Hosanna (Yazmin Belo) on their journey.

The characters in the show learn that life in Britain isn’t as easy as they were led to believe it would be, but they are nonetheless determined to make a new start there. Now you know everything there is to know about the classic tale of “Three Little Birds.”

Three Little Birds Release Date

On Sunday, October 22 at 8 p.m., a new season of the show will premiere on ITV1. The six-part television series will air weekly. On the other hand, you may watch the entire series on ITVX by purchasing the box set. BritBox International will release Three Little Birds in the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and the Nordic countries in 2024.

Three Little Birds Cast

  • Rochelle Neil as Leah
  • Yazmin Belo as Hosanna
  • Saffron Coomber as Chantrelle
  • Javone Prince as Aston
  • Amy Beth Hayes as Mrs Wantage
  • Michelle Fox as Siobhan
  • Bobby Gordon as Shelton
  • Arthur Darvill as Mr Wantage
  • Malachi Hall as Caleb Whittaker
  • Shay Descartes as Gideon Whittaker
  • Michael Crump as Jimmy
  • Tierney Turner as Selah Whittaker
  • Mitch Morgan as Ewan Boyce
  • Elaine Ward as Mrs Boyce

Three Little Birds Plot

Jamaican sisters Leah (Rochelle Neil) and Chantrelle (Saffron Coomber) were attracted to the UK during the Windrush scandal in 1957. When their older brother Aston (Javone Prince) asks them to fetch him a potential wife from back home, they follow in his footsteps and make the journey. When the sisters’ morally upstanding friend Hosanna (Yazmin Belo) agrees to come along, they are all disappointed to find that their new life isn’t quite like the promise of rock and roll, swing, Hollywood starlets, and magnificent dresses.

They have to deal with more than simply the inclement climate in Britain. Over time, we discover how they bravely overcame the challenges of assimilating into British society and see the awful realities of the lives they left behind.

Three Little Birds Trailer

Yes, ITV has published a trailer for Three Little Birds, which you can check out below.

Three Little Birds Creators

Sir Lenny Henry, Carol Russell, and Avril Russell contributed to the writing and production of Three Little Birds. Tiger Aspect filmed all six episodes of the series in the UK’s Midlands between 2022 and 2023. Head of Drama Polly Hill commissioned the show for ITV, and Nana Hughes is supervising production.

Diederick Santer serves as executive producer for the series, which is co-produced by BritBox International. Banijay Rights manages export sales. Sir Lenny Henry, Lucy Bedford, Kate Crowe, Russell T. Davies, Charles McDougall, and Angela Ferreira will serve as executive producers, and Charles McDougall, Yero Timi Biu, and Darcia Martin will direct two episodes apiece.

Three Little Birds Filming Locations

In September of 2022, scenes were shot at the Green Man bar and Clarendon Square in Leamington Spa. Spon Street in Coventry was used as a setting because of its period-appropriate storefronts, modes of transportation, and furnishings; it was one of the filming locations in the Midlands. Reports of filming on the TSS Duke of Lancaster at its dock in northeast Wales surfaced in October 2022. Location shooting occurred in Fitton Street, Nuneaton, in the month of November.


Three Little Birds, an ITV1 gem that showcases Sir Lenny Henry’s hilarious talent, is a monument to Henry’s inexhaustible imagination and expert execution.

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