WhatsApp prepares a function to transfer chats from iOS to Android, WaBetaInfo advances

One of the main shortcomings of WhatsApp is that if the user changes from an iPhone to an Android mobile, or vice versa, you can’t take your chats officially. You also can’t restore the backup as WhatsApp on Android uses Google Drive and WhatsApp on iOS uses iCloud. It’s a small downside that, according to WaBetaInfo, seems to be relatively close to changing.

As noted by the well-known WhatsApp function leaker, the company is working on a function that will allow to move the chats from iOS to Android and probably in the opposite direction as well. It is not something simple due to the operation of WhatsApp itself, but it seems that the function is already in the oven.

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Objective: multi-device support

Capture This is what the option to move chats from iOS to Android looks like – Image: WaBetaInfo

That WhatsApp is working on this function makes sense. Not only because it will allow users to take their conversations with them when they change operating systems, but because it has been talking for a long time that WhatsApp is working on multi-device support.

If WhatsApp offers multi-device support, it should also offer the ability to all chats are available on all devices linked to the account. How will do? It is not known. At the moment, the only thing we have been able to see is a screenshot showing the function and a text that urges the user to install the latest version of WhatsApp on their mobile, but little else.

And we cannot forget that WhatsApp stores the chats in the memory of the mobile and, when we make the backup, in Google Drive or iCloud, depending on the operating system of our mobile. It’s a different system that of, for example, Telegram, which is based on the cloud and, therefore, allows access to chats from any device (except secret chats, which are not stored in the cloud).

As WaBetaInfo states, the development of multi-device support “takes a long time because it will totally change the experience with WhatsApp”. Moreover, he affirms that “many things have been rewritten so that [la app] be compatible with multiple devices. ” For now it will be time to wait, although it seems clear that big changes are coming to WhatsApp.

Via | WaBetaInfo

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