This concept imagines how the new iMac would be based on the design of the Pro Display XDR and the iPad Pro

We have seen various concepts of what to expect from the new iMac. The rumors regarding the redesign are somewhat vague, but they do point, among others, to a language similar to that of the Apple Pro Display XDR screen. With this information, the ConceptsiPhone channel has produced a very interesting video.

A product that, in fact, we could see today

In the video, ConceptsiPhone and Khan Design show five new iMac in their respective colors. With a very interesting industrial design and quite approximate to what, with the information that we currently have, we could see even today.

Screenshot 2021 04 20 At 7 36 41

The design is supported by the base of the Apple Pro Display XDR, as well as the screen holding mechanism, which by the way is “spring loaded”. The body of the device itself is inspired by a giant iPad Pro. The distribution of the speakers as well as the on and off button fit the device, although the odd port is missing.

Screenshot 2021 04 20 At 7 37 26

It goes without saying that introducing five color combinations to the iMac, such a large computer, has to be quite a challenge in terms of inventory and transportation. If we add two size options and several RAM and SSD options to that, the move makes little sense in terms of SKUs, although, on the other hand, it wouldn’t be the first time that an iMac has been offered in multiple colors.

So I have created a portable media center with my router, an SSD and the Infuse app

In fact, the colors of today’s event invitation are exactly the colors of the original iMac, that of the tube screen. Something that has triggered the rumors that today we could see new iMac at the event. The truth is that we do not expect to see you today, but there can always be some surprises.

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