They point out that light novels ‘are poor readings’

Earlier this month, on social media a university professor in Japan made a post asking his followers to encourage their personal reading habit, not through light novels, but by well-known authors such as Keigo Higashino, Miyuki Miyabe Y Kaoru Kitamura, what “have more organized works». Light novel readers felt the market was demerited and were quick to respond.

«A professor at a certain university commented via Twitter that he did not appreciate light novels, and some fans were quick to react negatively. Before we begin, let’s review what he wrote in his original post earlier this month: “I ask that you encourage your reading habits … If possible, instead of a light novel, read something more organized and appropriate … Keigo Higashino, Miyuki Miyabe, Kaoru Kitamura and all those science fiction and mystery novels are good options. In this way, they will also learn to express themselves correctly, and reduce the effort of trying to decipher their messages.».

«Hundreds of responses and quotes began to flood the original post, stating: “Sad that one reader rates light novel readers as separate groups“, “Youjo Senki is very well organized, if you ask me“, “I have read Keigo Higashino and Miyuki Miyabe, but even among the light novels there are masterpieces” Y “First of all, Keigo Higashino and Miyuki Miyabe are very close to light novels, don’t you think?“As the most popular answers».

«Certainly the publication was seen by some as a critique of the light novel market.. In fact, a large number of this type of works have multiple writing and narrative errors that leave much to be desired, but the description does not apply to the whole set. However, as the light novels were designated as “a novel with poor writing and development”, it was evident that more than one would express themselves against».

It should be noted that a light novel is a type of book aimed at an audience not used to reading, such as high school or high school students. The term coined from English in Japan is also written as “Ranobe (ラ ノ ベ)” and they have an average length of 50,000 words published in a format called “Bunkobon”, which is the denomination of the A6 size (10.5 x 14.8 cm). Light novels have earned a reputation for “mass-produced and disposable,” in large part due to the author. Kazuma Kamachi (author of Toaru Majutsu no Index), who wrote a volume a month for two years, and because of the very high rate of author turnover.

Source: Yaraon!


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