‘They’, ‘Angel’, ‘Oddworld’, Philip K. Dick and much more

The weekend is eerie. It may not always be, but … Detective vampires, neighbors who are not what they seem, artists with very severe creative crises and scholars who discover that the solution to all their problems lies in yelling “No”. You have two days ahead of you to dive into this avalanche of perfect plans to face boredom.

‘Thunder Patrol’

Two top comedians, Melissa McCarthy (‘Ghostbusters’, ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’) and Octavia Spencer (‘Maids and Ladies’, ‘The Shape of Water’) star in this light superhero parody in which a couple of friends are empowered and start their own administration of justice. Like ‘Kick-Ass’, but without being able to wash the suits.

‘Ellos (Them)’

An anthological horror series, with a separate story in each season and that comes to Amazon Prime Video exclusively with the clear reference of the racial terror of Jordan Peele. Here we meet an African-American family that moves to an exclusively white neighborhood and begins to experience supernatural events in their new residence.


A very peculiar dystopian film that is situated at a crossroads between many genres, with the story of a mother who has a grasshopper farm with which she makes flour. But a change in the insect’s diet will launch her into a dangerous race to improve the business. A peculiar French proposal that mixes generational drama, meat terror, animal rebellion and even a few drops of post-apocalypse.


If you have already eaten all ‘Buffy’ (or you go in the middle and want to see the crossovers in the corresponding order), get on with this spin-off that is much more than just a nice sequel. Combining demons, romance, movie noir and a series of lawyers, the story of the good vampire turned detective in Los Angeles has all the ingenuity of the mother series and a secondary establishment completely at its height.

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‘I Care a Lot’

A week before it lands on Amazon Prime Video, you can see in theaters this very black satirical comedy starring Rosamund Pike and Peter Dinklage, and directed and written by J Blakeson, responsible for the post-apocalyptic ‘The Fifth Wave’. Pike plays a professional con artist who takes advantage of a legal mechanism to seize the assets of elderly people without a family, but her operations intersect with those of ruthless criminals.

‘Say No! More’

A delicious indie proposal whose exaggerated polygonal graphics are reminiscent of those of the first Playstation. An office self-assertion game that teaches us to say “No” giving life to an intern fed up with making photocopies, uploading coffees and doing the ball. Controlled with a single button, it promises hours of satirical and gritty relief. The real health.

  • Available for Nintendo Switch, iOS and PC

‘Oddworld: Soulstorm’

A remake of a true classic of adventure and humor (‘Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus’ for the first Playstation and PC), but that washes the face of the classic completely, injecting it with a darker and more reflective style. Abe has to protect three hundred companions in their escape from the factory that will turn them into energy drinks, like there, but this renewed adventure will be even more violent, realistic and excessive than the original.

  • Available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and PC

‘Pac-Man 99’

A frenzied gift to all Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, who They will be able to play for free this new battle-royale remodeling of a classic. It was already done with ‘Tetris’ and ‘Super Mario Bros.’, and now it is the turn of the immortal ‘Pac-Man’, which also comes with DLCs and themed skins of other Namco classics.

  • Available for Nintendo Switch

‘Lilith’s Lineage’ (Octavia E. Butler)


A true classic of science fiction from the eighties that had been discontinued in Spanish for years, and that now lands in a trilogy format, complete in a single volume. You are in time to recover this classic that, in addition, will be adapted to series by Amazon, and that tells how the protagonist and other humans are rescued by an alien race, the Oankali, after the destruction of part of the Earth at the hands of a military group. With them, humans will discover a new revolutionary way of understanding with other races.

‘Nocturnas’ (Pilar Pedraza)


One of our best and most sinister narrators returns to the short format with a series of stories starring women who move in the shadows. From a transylvanian maiden captive in a harem, to a ghoul hidden in an archaeological excavation: mystery, terror and sensory apotheosis in a selection of stories to read with all the lights in the house on.


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‘Confessions of a shitty artist’ (Philip K. Dick)


Without a doubt, it is the weekend of the recoveries of science fiction classics. This book by Philip K. Dick, possibly because it did not belong to the genre that made it famous, it remained unfindable in Spanish for years: Minotaur brings it back to remind us of the most thoughtful and self-aware Dick. However, and although this is not the author of ‘Ubik’ that we know, it is detected in this story of an artist overwhelmed by the artificiality of everyday life many of the obsessions that would later make him famous.

Confessions of a shitty artist (Author Libraries)

Confessions of a shitty artist (Author Libraries)

‘Oleg’ (Frederik Peeters)

Oleg 3

Twenty years after his absolute classic of the confessional comic ‘Blue Pills’, Frederik Peeters returns to talk about his trade and his neuroses. But this time he does it through an avatar, the comic artist Oleg, who you are going through a creative crisis that prevents you from seeing clearly in which direction your next work should go. The world puzzles him and he only has his family as a handle.

Oleg (Ear Armchair)

‘Travelers of a sea of ​​clouds’ (Borja Vaz)

Home Travelers Of A Sea Of Clouds Borja Vaz 202102011531

Mixing the imagery of anime and classic Japanese role-playing games with the stories of adventure on the high seas, Borja Vaz presents a story of unbridled imagination. We will meet Lyra, part of a guild of mercenaries, who has to investigate the death of a criminal. To advance in a great adventure, you will have to embark on the legendary Cormorant airship, and enter the Sea of ​​Clouds.

Travelers of a Sea of ​​Clouds (Out of Collection)

Travelers of a Sea of ​​Clouds (Out of Collection)

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