Them Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Other Details

Them is an American horror drama anthology series created by Little Marvin and broadcast on the streaming service Hulu. Besides David Matthews, Roy Lee, Miri Yoon, Lena Waithe, Don Kurt, Nelson Cragg, Larysa Kondracki, and Michael Connolly, Marvin is an executive producer as well.

The series was given a two-season order by Amazon on July 28, 2018. Season one debuted on April 9, 2021, on Amazon Prime Video, and has a 62% approval rating among critics so far. When will the second season be available to watch? Tell me the story. Who, if any, from the original cast will be returning? Read on for further information.

Them Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 of Them will likely premiere on Amazon Prime in 2023, though a specific date has not yet been announced. When it comes to the actors, fans can anticipate a return appearance from Deborah Ayorinde, who will play Detective Dawn Reeve. A Los Angeles Police Department detective will be at the center of the series’ plot, as she will be working on a case that will bring her face to face with malicious and demonic evil.

Them Storyline

In 1950s Los Angeles, the story follows a black family as they settle into a mostly white area. African Americans, who number over 6 million, took part in a movement known as the Great Migration that took place between the 1910s and the 1970s.

Families fled the rural South, leaving behind racist attitudes, for the cities of the West and the East. The Emorys were among them. The Emory family, including Lucky, Henry, and their daughters Gracie and Ruby, left North Carolina for Compton, a primarily white section of Los Angeles, in 1953, as part of the Great Migration.

They are a black family of four trying to pick up the pieces after what happened in North Carolina. The family finally found the perfect home after years of looking, allowing them to fulfill their dreams.

When they arrive, however, they find that nothing has altered and that they still must overcome many challenges. Because thousands of locals mindlessly followed their lead. Members of one family become caught up in a terrifying game being played by their alien neighbors.

The family’s home in a tree-lined, seemingly idyllic neighborhood has devolved into a crime scene, with nosy neighbors and supernatural beings constantly harassing, injuring, and destroying the family.

Them Cast

  • Deborah Ayorinde as Livia “Lucky” Emory
  • Ashley Thomas as Henry Emory
  • Alison Pill as Elizabeth “Betty” Wendell
  • Shahadi Wright Joseph as Ruby Lee Emory
  • Melody Hurd as Gracie Emory
  • Ryan Kwanten as George Bell
  • Dale Dickey as The Woman
  • Liam McIntyre as Clarke Wendell
  • Lindsey Kraft as Midge Pruitt
  • Pat Healy as Marty Dixon
  • Brooke Smith as Helen Koistra
  • Malcolm Mays as Calvin
  • John Patrick Jordan as Earl
  • Dirk Rogers as Miss Vera
  • Abbie Cobb as Nat Dixon
  • Max Barsness as Dale Pruitt
  • Kim Shaw as Carol Lynn Denton
  • Bailey Noble as Marlene
  • Derek Phillips as Sergeant Bull Wheatley
  • P.J. Byrne as Stuart Berks
  • Sophie Guest as Doris
  • Tim Russ as The Custodian
  • Ryan Kennedy as Gary
  • Christopher Heyerdahl as The Black Hat Man
  • Jeremiah Birkett as Da Tap Dance Man
  • Paula Jai Parker as Hazel Emory
  • Sheria Irving as Cynthia
  • J. Mallory McCree as Junius Emory
  • Anika Noni Rose as Ella Mae
  • Roland Johnson as Moe Irvin
  • Michael Harney as Otto Haber
  • Peter Mackenzie as Mr. Stoal
  • Shaw Jones as City Planner
  • Van Epperson as Banker
  • Barry Livingston as Real Estate Commissioner
  • David Bowe as Mitch
  • Christopher Murray as Murray
  • Daniel Robbins as Man In Car
  • Scott Alan Smith as Fuller

Them Season 2 Plot

The original concept for “Them” was that it would be an anthology series in which various casts of characters would be featured in each season. Los Angeles Police Detective Dawn Reeve is given a fresh case to investigate in the upcoming second season of the show Them: The Scare. A case is so shocking that not even the most seasoned investigators could believe it. Even though Dawn is known for her cool demeanor and laser-like focus, she is becoming increasingly worried by the peculiar new case.

Her family is under siege from supernatural and malicious powers, and matters get more complex when family secrets are revealed. More than 40 years have passed since the events of Season 1, therefore Season 2 will take place in 1991. We anticipate the same unsettling tensions and subject matter.

Them Season 2 Trailer

No Season 2 of Them trailer has been released as of yet. You can check out the Season 1 trailer right now:

Them Season 1 Rating

I can promise you if you have never seen the series before and are wondering about its quality, that it is pretty nice! The show has a respectable 7.3/10 rating on IMDb and a 64% average audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. So, without a doubt, I will be watching this series. Check out what subsequent viewers thought of it if you’re still on the fence about going.

Where to watch Them series?

Those who have Amazon Prime can now watch Them. Soon, fans may watch the continuation of the critically acclaimed series “Them” on Amazon Prime Video.

Them Season 1 Review  

The ride’s terrifying beginning transports us to the very center of 1950s America. The Emorys, an African-American family, relocate to the predominantly white community of East Compton. As soon as they arrive, they begin to experience racial discrimination from locals. Henry, the husband, is determined to succeed in spite of everything, so he became an engineer and is now quite successful financially.

Her story had a decent start to the season but is derailed by several dubious plot turns toward the end. Without giving anything away, the show’s high points are the early season contrasts to Lucky’s fate.

The acting is also excellent throughout, with each of the members of the family getting their moment to shine. Throughout the first season, Deborah Ayorinde and Ashley Thomas are superb as the leads, perfectly embodying the characters’ inner struggles and grief. Their captivating performances, combined with the aforementioned visual style, help to obscure the film’s implausibilities.

While the supernatural scares in Them are mild at best, the show’s depiction of horrendous prejudice often overshadows the show’s unique visual style and interest. The program becomes confused about what tone it wants to go for, leading to a lackluster second act and a divisive conclusion.

Them Age Rating

Because of its TV-MA rating, it is probably not appropriate for anyone younger than 17. The following may be present in this program: strong language, sexual content, or graphic violence.

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