The Villains of Valley View Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Other Details

Premiering on Disney Channel on June 3, 2022, The Villains of Valley View is an American comedy series produced by Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore. The good news is that The Villains of Valley View has been renewed for a second season if you enjoyed the first. Finally, after weeks of anticipation, the network renewed the show for a second season.

For the next season, we have gathered all of the relevant data. It was an easy call for the network to renew the program for a second season given the show’s generally positive reaction. Therefore, in order to get a jump on the next chapter and be prepared before the television series airs on the platform, here is a brief synopsis of all the pertinent information, including the release date, storyline, and cast.

The Villains of Valley View Season 2 Renewal Status

According to Deadline, the second season of The Villains of Valley View on the Disney Channel has been officially renewed. The series’ first season debuted earlier this summer and concluded on July 29. Due to the positive reception and high ratings, the program has been renewed for a second season by Disney Branded Television.

“It isn’t hard to see why audiences have fallen in love with the villainous Madden family,” Disney Branded Television President Ayo Davis said. Amy and her family have a tendency to use their abilities in mundane situations, yet they still care for and support one another. The Maddens show the (super)power of family and unity despite the fact that life may be chaotic, absurd, and even terrifying.

What is the storyline of Villains of Valley View?

Vic, a mad scientist, is married to Eva, an electrical supervillain, in the Disney series Villains of Valley View. Colby, Amy, and Jake are the offspring of Vic and Eva, a married couple. They are all members of the League of Villains, a gang of villains. When Onyx, head of the League of Villains, requests further rewards, he insults Amy’s family. Amy later assaults Onyx and takes his family hostage.

Now that they have all moved to Valley View, they may attempt to lead normal lives without having to worry about being discovered by the League of Villains or the authorities protecting the heroes.

The Villains of Valley View Season Cast and characters


  • Isabella Pappas as Amy / Havoc, a teenage supervillain with sonic powers, who stands up to the head of the League of Villains, forcing her family to go on the run
  • Malachi Barton as Colby / Flashform, Amy and Jake’s younger brother who gains shapeshifting abilities after turning thirteen. He was originally named “Number 3” before getting a name. In “Showdown at the Round-Up”, Colby later develops super-speed and invisibility. In “A Superhero in Valley View”, Colby develops regeneration where he can regrow lost body parts. In “Bad Energy”, Colby develops kinetic manipulation. Barton also voices Colby when he is in different forms.
  • Reed Horstmann as Jake / Chaos, Amy’s brother with super strength who wants to become a better person
  • Kayden Muller-Janssen as Hartley, the Maddens’ neighbor and Amy’s best friend who learns that the Maddens are supervillains
  • James Patrick Stuart as Vic / Kraniac, Amy’s father, and a mad scientist with a genius-level intellect who makes gadgets. In his civilian form, Vic becomes the substitute teacher at Valley View High School.
  • Lucy Davis as Eva / Surge, Amy’s mother with the power to manipulate electricity, who was working to become the Chief Commander of the League of Villains only for Onyx to give it to Slither


  • Patricia Belcher as Celia, Hartley’s grandmother, and the Maddens’ landlady
  • Mariah Iman Wilson as Starling, a teenage superhero with flight and time-freezing abilities is Havoc’s nemesis. The episode “A Superhero in Valley View” reveals that Starling’s true identity is Judith.

The Villains of Valley View Season 2 Speculated Release Date

The renewal of the series only came, thus there has been no confirmation of the potential launch date. The second season of The Villains of Valley View will begin filming in Los Angeles this autumn. If we had to guess, we’d say that the second season will premiere in the middle of 2023, much like the first.

The most probable time frame is June – August of 2023. However, this is all conjecture, and there is no guarantee that the next season will be published at the same time as the previous ones. Once filming of the series is complete, the network will announce these specifics.

Villains of Valley View Season 2 Trailer

The second season has not yet had an official trailer released. Season 1 has all the answers for those wondering whether they should give the movie a go. There is a teaser for the first season, and Discovery+ will be airing the first five episodes. On June 3, the first season started, providing plenty of amusement until the second season began.

Villains of Valley View Season 1 Rating

If you’ve never seen it and are wondering how good it is, I can assure you that it’s just fine. The program has a respectable 4.8/10 rating on IMDb and has been seen by an average of 45% of Rottentomatoes users.

The Villains of Valley View: Where can I watch it?

Both seasons will be available to stream on Disney Plus, FuboTV, DIRECTV, DisneyNOW, and for download on Google Play Movies upon their respective releases. In order to see new episodes as they first air throughout the globe, subscribers may choose from a variety of subscription plans.

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