Boo Bitch Season 2: Renewal Status, Release Date, And More

Fans who have been eagerly awaiting news of new Netflix binge-worthy programming should rejoice: 2022 has delivered in spades. There is a great deal of anticipation among viewers to check out the brand-new programs and see their online-only material. Boo, Bitch, starring Lana Condor, is one such show that is generating a lot of buzz among viewers. After the first season’s popularity, fans are eagerly awaiting news about Boo, Bitch Season 2. Although viewers have seen Lana in the romantic comedy Boo, they will be seeing her in a fresh light in Botch. The mystical and thriller elements that contribute to the protagonists’ precarious situations are questioned. The protagonist, played by Erika Vu, is a teenager who wakes up in death.

Erika’s afterlife is at the center of the series’ narrative. Throughout the eighth season, she learns about her life before to death and the ripple effects of her passing. Boo, Bitch is a new Netflix show about a girl named Erika who is searching for love and companionship. Fans are curious about the show’s future after the premiere of the first season. Everything you need to know about the new season of the program can be found in this post. Do you want to know whether Boo, Bitch will return for a second season?

Boo Bitch Season 2 Renewal Status

Netflix has decided not to renew the Boo, Bitch series. Season 1 of Boo, Bitch concluded all of the ongoing stories, therefore a second season is quite doubtful. In addition, Netflix has said nothing formal regarding Season 2 following the premiere of Season 1. However, Netflix consistently shocks its audience, and the show has been met with positive reviews. Let’s wait and see whether and how Netflix and the show’s creators choose to shock viewers.

Boo Bitch Season 2 Cast and characters



  • Lana Condor as Erika Vu
  • Zoe Colletti as Gia, Erika’s best friend since childhood
  • Mason Versaw as Jake C., Erika’s crush
  • Aparna Brielle as Riley, a popular girl who is Jake C’s on-off girlfriend, and a frenemy of Erika.
  • Tenzing Norgay Trainor as Gavin, Gia’s love interest, and leader of The Afterlifers


  • Jami Alix as Lea, Riley’s friend
  • Nick Benson as Chase
  • Brittany Bardwell as Sophia
  • John Brantley Cole as Dr. Vu, Erika’s father
  • Van Brunelle as Oliver Vu, Erika’s younger brother
  • Austin Fryberger as Archer
  • Conor Husting as Jake W., Jake C’s best friend
  • Alyssa Jirrels as Alyssa, a teen mom
  • Michael Solomon as Jake M., Jake C’s best friend
  • Cathy Vu as Mrs. Vu, Erika’s mother
  • Savira Windyani as Sail, a member of the Afterlifers
  • Abigail Achiri as Raven, a member of The Afterlifers
  • Reid Miller as Brad, a member of The Afterlifers
  • Jason Genao as Devon, a childhood enemy of Erika

Boo Bitch Season 2 Plot

We found out that Erica was still alive when the season finale aired. Things in season two will continue to revolve around Erika, just as they did in season one. There is a high possibility that spectators may see something unusual.

According to the series’ official description, Season 1 is about “a high school senior who has spent her life comfortably beneath the radar seizing the chance to alter her narrative and begin living an epic life, only when she finds out the next morning that she has been… She’s a ghoul, damn it!

Netflix has not commented on its anticipation of the longer contract. Official storyline information has not been updated. Many speculations have been made about the potential plot of Boo, Bitch 2. We anticipate that the tale will continue in the same university. Now that a year has gone, it’s possible that there will be new students at the university.

Since Erika is still around, her narrative might theoretically go on. The afterlife and Gia’s adjustment to abandoning her loved ones on Earth are also open questions. Erika’s romance with Jake C. may progress, and she may find happiness with other people, including Riley. Gavin’s future development as a character is fascinating after Gia’s death. Since Boo and Bitch’s protagonists were seniors in high school, a comparable narrative placed in college may be entertaining. Or, Netflix might do what it did with The Haunting of Hill House and make Boo, Bitch into an anthology series. It is unclear whether Netflix will exercise its option to renew Boo, Bitch. It seems that after eight episodes, the series has concluded.

Boo Bitch Season 2 Release Date

Since no information on the show’s renewal has been made public, an exact premiere date is currently unknown. Season 1 of Boo, Bitch premiered on July 8, 2022, therefore we should anticipate Season 2 to air sometime in 2023, however, the possibilities of that happening are low given the series’ short run.

Boo Bitch Season 2 Trailer

The official trailer for Boo, Bitch Season 2 has not yet been released. But here’s the trailer in case you were anxious to catch up after missing the first season.

Boo Bitch Season 2 Episodes

There is no way to predict the number of episodes that will be in Season 2 of Boo, Bitch because of the lack of information on the show’s renewal. Season 1 of Boo, Bitch consisted of 8 episodes, each of which lasted around 30 minutes, thus if a second season is produced at all, it will likely consist of at least 8 episodes.

Where can I watch Boo Bitch?

You can watch Boo, Bitch in its entirety on Netflix.

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